Neverwinter: Storm King's Thunder is a campaign expansion module for the Neverwinter massive-multiplayer role-playing game. Released in February 2017, the expansion added a new campaign, several new adventure zones, a new dungeon and numerous other updates. The campaign module had its own expansion, Sea of Moving Ice, which concluded the storyline introduced in the Storm King's Thunder campaign.

Adventurers will travel north to Bryn Shander - capital of Icewind Dale - to investigate the sudden presence of frost giants in the region. No visit to Icewind Dale would be complete without the help of Catti-brie and Wulfgar - characters from R.A. Salvatore's novels - who will aid adventurers in their quest to stop the invading giants.[1]

Features[edit | edit source]

  • New Adventure Zones: Bryn Shander, Lonelywood, Cold Run, Sea of Moving Ice
  • New Campaign: Storm King's Thunder
  • New Fangbreaker Island dungeon
  • New item progression system - Ostorian Relics
  • Major class balancing revamp for Guardian Fighter, Hunter Ranger, and Scourge Warlock.
  • Queue system, companion, enchantment, campaign, and PvP updates
  • 5 new insignia bonuses
  • Invocation revamp

Plot[edit | edit source]

When the town of Bryn Shander decided to hold a special celebration, Lord Neverember decided that the Heroes of Sleeping Draogn Bridge, along with Makos and Xuna should represent Neverwinter. They were soon presented with strange occurrences, such as creatures that were frozen solid in Rothé Valley as well as frost giant assaults and great icy blasts in Bryn Shander. Working with Speaker Duvessa Shane, the group investigated the blast's epicenter, encountering the brave barbarian Wulfgar along the way. Finally, they encountered an icy cocoon that they believed held the body of Artus Cimber and his son Sirac. In order to free Artus and his son, the group traveled to Lonelywood and back, enlisting the aid of Wulfgar's adventuring companion Catti-brie.

Using a thistle from Catti-brie's garden in Lonelywood Artus and Sirac were freed from the cocoon. Artus shared the information that the frost giants had wrested the ring of Winter from him, and taken it to their leader Storvald on Fangbreaker Island. During the trek to the isle, the heroes and their allies enlisted the aid a giant of their own Harshnag, and together they fought off Drufi and her forces. They were overwhelmed during the battle, and Makos had to sacrifice himself in order to allow his allies to escape. The party regrouped after their defeat, infiltrated Harshwind Hold to defeat Drufi, but were unable to recover the ring.

Sea of Moving Ice[edit | edit source]

Fortunately, the Artus Cimber had with the ring granted him insight as to its presence in the Sea of Moving Ice. Aided by the Arcane Brotherhood and the Elk Tribe, along with the frost giant Serissa, the group began an assault of Svardborg. They defeated Jarl Storvald in combat and allowed Artus Cimber to depart the North with the ring of Winter safely in his possession.[note 1]

Index[edit | edit source]

Characters[edit | edit source]

Alden LowellArtus CimberAvandro PerthCatti-brieCecilDahlia HarlisDereth HopeDrufiDuvessa ShaneFangstromFrijinghost of Bryn ShanderGurglin HexcallerHarris ManstinHarshnagHarshtenHatiHeimstalJorlKavatos StormeyeMakosMaluk WhalewalkerMarkham SouthwellNord GantaraSerissaStorvaldTam ArretXunaWulfgar
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Creatures[edit | edit source]

dragon turtlefrost goblinice trollknucklehead troutremorhazyeti
Creatures used as bait
Creatures found from fishing
crustaceans (duskwalkeremperor crabrock lobstersorceror shrimp)eel (Icewind eelwolf eel)endocerasfish (anglerfisharchaeusarctic blindfisharctic chararctic gobyarctic skatebeholderfishcoelacanthdevilfishenchodusflailfishglacefishhalibutice climbericewind smeltmonkfishpolar oarfishsilvertail barracudasturgeonSwordsea bassTrackless sailfish)giant clamgiant squidgorgonocephalusnautilusoysterQueen's kniferift dragonshark (goblin sharkgurry sharksleeper shark)slug (chitonsea deva)urchin (snow barb)

Magic[edit | edit source]

ring of Winter

Locations[edit | edit source]

Bodies of Water
Sea of Moving Ice
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Maer Dualdon
Fangbreaker Island
Shrine of Mielikki
Icewind DaleTen Towns
Bryn ShanderKnucklehead campLonelywoodRothé Valley
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Organizations[edit | edit source]

Arcane BrotherhoodElk Tribe

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

boraxdragon shell oillanolinOstorian residuumvoninblod
Ice Hunters' Khyek

Appendix[edit | edit source]

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Due to conflicts with the 5th edition adventure modules, not all plot elements of the Neverwinter video game and its expansions are considered canon. This is especially true in instances where the most plot-crucial encounters in both the adventures and expansion modules coincide with one another.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Andy (StrumSlinger) (31/05/2016). Announcing Neverwinter: Storm King's Thunder. Arc Games. Retrieved on 09/01/2021.

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