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Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online roleplaying game developed by Cryptic Studios and published by Perfect World Entertainment. It was released on the 20th of June 2013, with additional content updates (called Modules) releasing every few months thereafter.

The game deals with the aftereffects of an attack on the city of Neverwinter by Valindra Shadowmantle and a dracolich. Several factions and individuals attempt to take advantage of the chaos caused by the attack. Later updates have generally followed Wizards' official story arcs.

The Dwarven King questline for Module 8, Underdark, was written by R.A. Salvatore,[2] and Module 15, The Heart of Fire, was written by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins of Penny Arcade.[3]

Main Plot[]

The Battle of Sleeping Dragon Bridge[]

See also: The Siege of Neverwinter

Washing up on the beach in 1479 DR after their ship was sunk by the dracolich, several adventurers were thrust into battle against Valindra's undead minions while trying to reach the relative safety of Neverwinter's walls. The adventurers were joined by Private Wilfred, a Neverwinter graycloak, who was killed by Valindra when he attempted to confront her directly on Sleeping Dragon Bridge. Meanwhile, a tiefling warlock named Makos dispatched the dracolich and used his magic to prevent its soul from returning to its phylactery to regenerate. For their valor in defending the city against the undead, the adventurers became known as the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge.

The Crown of Neverwinter[]

The theft of the crown

During an investigation of the vaults beneath the Hall of Justice, the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge discovered that the Nashers managed to sneak into the vault during Valindra's attack and steal the Crown of Neverwinter. After tracking down the Nasher rogue Honor Reigh, whom they saw stealing the crown with another Nasher, clues pointed to a Nasher base in the Blacklake district. The heroes found the Blacklake District to not only be overrun with Nashers, but covered with a magical sludge that was bubbling up from the Blacklake itself. The heroes aided an alchemist in investigating it, ultimately confirming that it originated with a Chosen of Ghaunadaur living in the lake. After dispatching the Chosen, the heroes continued searching for the other thief and eventually discovered he had been kidnapped by the Dead Rats. Down in the sewers beneath the city, the heroes located the other thief, Gothwan Cooper, who claimed that his leader Karzov left him to die - gladly giving up Karzov's location in exchange for his life. The Nashers set fire to their safehouse when the heroes arrived and Karzov escaped to their headquarters, an old warehouse. The heroes followed and killed Karzov, bringing the Crown back to Protector's Enclave.

Orc Invasion[]

After clearing out some kobolds that have been boiling up from the sewers, the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge were informed that some orcs from Many-Arrows had invaded the Tower District. While battling the orcs, the heroes learned that their leaders were operating from within the Cloak Tower. After killing the orc shamans maintaining the tower's magical wards, the heroes entered the tower and defeated the Many-Arrows' leader, Vansi Bloodscar.

The Spellplague[]

Dorothea Linkletter, wife of Neverwintan soldier Josef Linkletter, was spellscarred and prone to transforming into a monster when emotionally distraught. Despite the Protector's Law demanding all spellscarred citizens to be sent to Helm's Hold, her husband had been hiding her at home. A wizard named Rhazzad providing medicine to keep her sane and under control, but her condition was worsening. To keep her out of Helm's Hold, Rhazzad asked the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge to escort Dorothea through the sewers to his tower for more direct treatment. Sergeant Knox of the Neverwinter Guard understood Josef's actions, but was suspicious of Rhazzad and his motives.

He sent the heroes to investigate another wizard who had been working with Rhazzad - Tualo the Bright - but upon reaching Tualo's home, the heroes encountered foulspawn emerging from his house and attacking people. Inside, Tualo's apprentice told them that a ritual scroll given to his master by Rhazzad had opened a portal to the Far Realm. After closing the portal, the heroes hurried outside to inform Sergeant Knox of Rhazzad's true allegiances, but it was too late: Rhazzad had sacrificed all of the spellscarred people that he had kept out of Helm's Hold to fuel a deadly magical explosion, setting parts of the city ablaze with plaguefire. A full assault was ordered on Rhazzad's tower before he could complete whatever plans he had for the Spellplague energy. Against orders, Josef Linkletter rushed ahead of the main force and was transformed into a massive foulspawn by Rhazzad, who intended to use him as a testbed for his own transformation. Josef was subdued by the heroes and managed to regain his sanity alongside his plaguechanged wife, while the heroes confronted Rhazzad. They learned that Rhazzad was communicating with unnamed "masters" within the Chasm, who promised to grant him unlimited knowledge and power in exchange for his help. Though Rhazzad successfully completed his own transformation into a plaguechanged monstrosity, he was slain before he could fully achieve his goals.

Blackdagger Bandits[]

Years earlier, a pair of pirate brothers from Luskan, Malus and Traven Blackdagger, had set up a bandit kingdom north of Neverwinter. The Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge were put in contact with a local Harper cell to put a stop to the Blackdagger Bandits, who operated out of the ruins of the former Cragmire noble house and were disrupting trade along the High Road. The heroes started by putting a stop to the bandits' shipwrecking operations along the coast, leading to a meeting with Melkhor Goldseeker, who had recently opened some mines and unearthed some ancient ruins. The Blackdagger Bandits had kidnapped his niece for ransom and took over his mines. After rescuing Goldseeker's niece, the Harpers put the heroes in contact with their spy in the bandits' ranks, allowing the heroes to track down both Malus and Traven Blackdagger - revealed to have been transformed into undead by the Thayan necromancer Kallos Tam - and destroy them, putting a stop to organized banditry along the High Road and earning the friendship of the Harpers.

Necromancers in Neverdeath[]

Undead had begun rising out of their graves in Neverwinter's graveyard, leading the Doomguides who watched over the graveyard to call upon the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge lest they be overwhelmed. The heroes discovered that the Red Wizards of Thay were using the undead to lure unsuspecting Doomguides into their clutches to create even more powerful undead monstrosities, and collecting relics for similar purposes. The Thayan leader, Xivros, hoped to raise Arleon the Unforgiven, a nigh-unstoppable ogre warrior in life, as his undead servant. Though he succeeded in raising the creature, the heroes quickly dispatched it.

In another region of the graveyard, the Cult of the Dragon was searching for something. It turned out they were interested in the Waterclock Guild's Crypts, in which a former high-ranking guild member and secret dragon cultist had secreted the blue dragon Azharzel and the ritual of the dracolich upon the occasion of his death. Unfortunately, Valindra Shadowmantle and her Thayan allies were also seeking the crypts, and when the Cult of the Dragon broke in Valindra killed them and claimed both the dragon and the ritual as her prize.

The Corruption of Helm's Hold[]

The cathedral of Helm's Hold outside of Neverwinter had been used by the Lord Protector to care for victims of the Spellplague, under the care of a holy woman known as "The Prophet." However, she revealed herself to be a succubus named Rohini, and the cathedral was quickly overrun by devils and Ashmadai cultists. The army of Neverwinter laid siege to the cathedral, but with little success.

The Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge aided the Neverwinter guard and the survivors from Helm's Hold in fighting back against the Ashmadai and slaying Rohini, before entering the caverns below the cathedral to slay the mad green dragon, Chartilifax.

The Undead of the Ebon Downs[]

For generations, the villagers of Grimhollow had watched over the Ebon Downs burial grounds. Then one day the dead suddenly rose from their graves en masse and attacked. The Doomguides discovered that the attack was being orchestrated by a powerful Netherese necromancer named Idris, who had made a bargain with the Barrow Lords for an undead army to attack her Thayan enemies. With the help of the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge, the Barrow Lords were defeated and Idris was ultimately slain, allowing the dead to be lain to rest once more.

The Forsworn of Vellosk[]

Within the Neverwinter Woods, Netherese agents began recruiting the Uthgardt barbarians back into their empire for the purpose of making war against their Thayan enemies. While much of the Gray Wolf tribe accepted, some did not wish to be under Netheril's heel once more; these barbarians were exiled and became known as the Forsworn. As a result, their former brethren, who had turned to the worship of Shar, began hunting them down under Netherese orders. In addition, the Netherese sought to raise the ruins of the floating city of Xin'kar. With the help of the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge, the Netherese were defeated and the leader of the Gray Wolves slain.

Sky Pirates[]

Meanwhile, the Halruaan Skyship owned by pirate band Company Yargo docked with an earthmote north of Neverwinter. The earthmote was known as Pirates' Skyhold, after a band of sky pirates that once raided the Sword Coast from it. Company Yargo sought to salvage the wreckage of a skyship, but found that the earthmote was infested with both lizardfolk and undead pirates. Moreover, both the water and air had been fouled by some sort of corrosive poison. It turned out that the old band of sky pirates, captained by Bartholomew Blackdagger, had tried to capture the black dragon Garrundar the Vile and failed spectacularly. When they fled back to their earthmote, Garrundar followed them and made it his new lair. After taking control of the lizardfolk that lived there, he wove a powerful spell that cursed the pirates into undeath and bound them to the earthmote. With Company Yargo's help, the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge slew both Garrundar and the undead Captain Blackdagger, ending the black dragon's curse and gaining two additional skyships for Captain Yargo.

The Forge of Winter[]

The frost giant Lakkar, frozen into the side of Icespire Peak.

A century ago, the god Thrym gifted an artifact known as the Winterforge, which channeled the power of the icy realms within the Elemental Chaos, to a frost giant named Lakkar. Armed with the Winterforge, Lakkar led his tribe in a bloody war of conquest across the Sword Mountains, all in Thrym's name. When the Icehammer Dwarves of Icespire Peak challenged him, he absorbed the Winterforge into himself, growing to an immense size and declaring himself a god. Thrym was furious and stripped Lakkar's defenses, allowing the dwarves to kill him. In death, his titanic body was frozen solid atop Icespire Peak.

Recently, the descendants of the dwarves who slew Lakkar uncovered the Winterforge within Lakkar's corpse. But in doing so, the artifact's magic reawoke and called all the frost goblins, frost giants, and ice trolls to itself. The Winterforge was quickly claimed by a frost giant named Hrimnir, who intended to use its power to renew Lakkar's war of conquest. However, with the aid of the surviving Icehammer Dwarves, the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge slew Hrimnir and destroyed the Winterforge.

Symphony of Madness[]

When Mount Hotenow erupted, the resulting cataclysm tore a rift in southeastern Neverwinter. From this rift erupted massive gouts of Spellplague, followed by armies of plaguechanged creatures. The Chasm eventually came to be guarded by Scar Company, made up of those spellscarred citizens of Neverwinter who chose a life of service instead of being sent to the Helm's Hold Sanitarium. The Order of Blue Fire took a particular interest in the Chasm, claiming large swaths of it in the name of their mysterious new master. Alarmed by this, Scar Company - whose ranks now included Josef and Dorothea Linkletter - called upon the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge to descend into the depths of the Chasm, fighting plaguechanged creatures and blue fire cultists alike. As the heroes descended, they discovered that the Spellplague had weakened the barriers between the Material Plane and the Far Realm, allowing aberrations to seep through. When they finally reached the bottom, they discovered that the true identity of the Chasm's master - the same master that had earlier aided Rhazaad in unleashing the Spellplague on Neverwinter - was a powerful aboleth overseer named A'Drx'l. After a mighty battle, the monstrosity was slain.

The Xorlarrin Slavers[]

In Rothé Valley, drow slavers from House Xorlarrin suddenly emerged from the Underdark and began attacking the farms, killing or enslaving everyone in sight. Curiously, rather than a quick raid for slaves to take back into the Underdark, the drow instead began building a city on the surface, calling it New Xorlarrin. From this settlement, webs of dark magic began to creep out into the sky, slowly expanding outward. The Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge investigated and, finding that the web was part of Lolth's attempt to take control of the Weave in Mystra's absence, put an end to the ritual.

The Fury of Mount Hotenow[]

When Mount Hotenow erupted, an exiled fire giant who dwelt on its slopes felt the power of the primordial Maegra. Dedicating himself to her, he formed a cult of fire-worshiping creatures, seeking to fully reawaken her so that she might set all of Faerûn ablaze. So great was Gommoth's might that he even gained an alliance with the red dragon Karrundax, who made Mount Hotenow her lair. Ultimately, the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge slew both Karrundax and Gommoth, preventing Maegra's return.

Whispers of the Underdark[]

After their defeat in Rothé Valley, the drow of House Xorlarrin retreated to an area of the Northdark known as the Whispering Caverns, reclaiming the abandoned city of Zesraena and mounting a search for the lost dwarf city of Gauntlgrym. Though they found the Doors of Delzoun, they were unable to open them, and were defeated by the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge.

In doing so, however, it was discovered that the drow had made an alliance with illithids, receiving weapons in exchange for guarding the mines operated by the illithids' duergar thralls. Since the illithid had never been known to frequent this part of the Underdark, it drew considerable scrutiny. Further investigation revealed a massive, disturbing structure known as the Iron Heart that appeared to be their objective. Venturing inside the bizarre, unsettling structure, the truth was finally revealed to the heroes: it had been created thousands of years ago, when the duergar first rose up against the illithid, to imprison the illithids' Elder brain itself. Known as Yshiggol, this horrific creature very nearly knew freedom once more until it was slain by the heroes.

Castle Never[]

Having grown considerably in strength since their last encounter with Valindra, the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge set out to finish what they started at the beginning of their adventure. Entering Castle Never, which had been taken over by the lich, the heroes battled through armies of undead and some of Valindra's most powerful servants. Though they succeeded not only in retaking the castle but also destroying the dracolich Azharzel, Valindra eluded them.

Content Updates[]

Module 1: Fury of the Feywild[]

Released August 2013
Valindra's reach extended even beyond Toril. She made a deal with the fomorian king, Malabog, in the Feywild: in exchange for destroying New Sharandar, Valindra gave to him a blue dragon named Fulminorax and a blue Orb of Dragonkind with which to control it. Malabog's dark fey army quickly overran much of New Sharandar, and even corrupted a moon elf named Celadaine. With the aid of the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge, however, the Iliyanbruen were able to retake New Sharandar and slay both Malabog and his dragon.

Module 2: Shadowmantle[]

Released December 2013
While the elves of New Sharandar were busy dealing with Malabog, Valindra's Thayan armies established a Dread Ring within the Neverwinter Woods. There, she sought to raise the ancient black dragon, Lorragauth, as a massive dracolich. Neverwinter raised a massive army, known as the Neverwinter Vanguard, which penetrated the Dread Ring and set up a base camp to fight back against the Red Wizards. The Neverwinter Vanguard also received unexpected aid from a group of renegade Red Wizards known as the Thayan Resurrection. Led by Rath Modar, this group of Red Wizards was exiled from Thay for speaking out against Szass Tam. With the help of their allies, the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge defeated the Thayans and finally destroyed Valindra herself, sending her soul back to her phylactery to regenerate.

Module 3: Curse of Icewind Dale[]

Released May 2014

The frost giant Biggrin rises as a powerful undead giant.

Meanwhile, in Icewind Dale, a mysterious substance known as black ice was discovered. This substance could be forged into extremely powerful weapons and armor, but prolonged exposure had the side effect of driving people into violent, murderous rage. Nonetheless, its high value resulted in both the Ten Towns and the Arcane Brotherhood fighting over it.

Meanwhile, the undead army of the long-dead wizard Akar Kessel began to rise once more, now empowered by black ice. The substance also drove the local Reghed barbarian and frost giant tribes into a frenzy. Ultimately, it was discovered the Akar Kessel himself had returned as an undead wight and was rebuilding his forces to continue the conquest he had begun before his death. To help counter this threat, Sergeant Knox sent the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge to recover artifacts of the Neverwinter Nine from a hidden vault beneath Castle Never. With these artifacts, they were able to destroy Akar Kessel once more before he could lay waste to the region.

Module 4: Tyranny of Dragons[]

Released August 2014
Back on the Sword Coast, a rift had developed within the Cult of the Dragon. A new faction, led by the wizard Severin Silrajin, had come to believe that the future lay not in dead dragons, but in live ones. In the Neverdeath Graveyard, they began searching for the tomb of the famous elven adventurer Belast Messandar, intending to wrest from his spirit the location of one of his former companions, a barbarian named Cruven Gantara. They believed that Cruven's spirit could give them the location of a portal to the island of Tuern. The green dragon Charthraxis aided them in this endeavor. Though the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge hampered their efforts, the Cult ultimately learned that the barbarian was buried somewhere in the Ebon Downs. Recruiting the black dragon Vartilingorix, they began a concentrated effort to find the barbarian's burial mound.

The blue dragon Venfithar

Along the slopes of Icespire Peak, the Cult enlisted the aid of the white dragon Merothrax to help them plunder the mithral mines of the Icehammer Dwarves. The heroes worked to hinder them, discovering that the mithral was somehow key to their plans. In the Rothé Valley, the Cult had forged an alliance with the House Xorlarrin slavers in the area in order to gain unhindered access to the blue dragon Venfithar who lived there. The Cult was using the mithral from Icespire Peak to forge special jars to contain Venfithar's lightning, intending to use it to power some sort of cloud giant artifact. After gathering what they needed, the Cult relocated to an area of the Northdark near the Crags known as the Whispering Caverns. There they sought to unearth the ancient hoard of a dragon named Saphirax, and summoned the dracolich Vilithrax to guard the site. Though the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge destroyed Vilithrax, the Cultists got what they wanted from Saphirax: the location and activation sequence for the portal to Tuern.

The portal to Tuern, high on the slopes of Kelvin's Cairn

In an unprecedented move, the Harpers joined forces with the Order of the Gauntlet, the Emerald Enclave, the Lords' Alliance, and even the Zhentarim to stop the Cult of the Dragon. They ascended the slopes of Kelvin's Cairn to the portal's location and opened it, hoping to secure a foothold in Tuern, but were betrayed by Rath Modar, who was secretly working with the Cult and granted Severin and a large number of cultists access. The five factions quickly secured their end of the portal, and sent the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge through to Tuern to follow the Cult. There, they discovered ancient draconic ruins in which the red dragon Lostmauth had made its lair, as well as native barbarians that worshiped dragons as gods. Though they slew Lostmauth, they were unable to prevent Severin from obtaining his true goal, the Red Dragon Mask.

Neverwinter burns under the Cult's assault.

The Cult's activities came to a head with the Siege of Neverwinter, in which they launched a massive assault on the city, breaching the walls with the aid of several dragons including Eziderax the Caustic, Kazlotar the Mordacious, Halectrizar the Storm Eater, Zavarak the Thunderous, Toxicallus the Despoiler, Venitaxis the Pestilent, Akregon the Pyre, Phlagethax the Cremator, Glaxenheim the Pale, and Ikzinfraxis the Glacial.

Module 5: Rise of Tiamat[]

Released November 2014
It soon became clear that the Cult of the Dragon's ultimate goal was to summon Tiamat herself from the Nine Hells. Unfortunately, it was also clear that it was too late to prevent this; the only solution, therefore, was to try and push her back before she fully entered Toril. Led by Elminster, the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge, Harpers, Zhentarim, Lords' Alliance, Emerald Enclave, Order of the Gauntlet, and Iliyanbruen banded together and traveled to the Well of Dragons to assault Tiamat's Temple itself, which had already erupted into the world. There they were joined by Linu La'neral, as well as a member of the original Cult of the Dragon who disagreed with Severin's new direction. There they faced opposition from not only the Cult of the Dragon and Thayan forces, but the five chromatic dragon heralds of Tiamat: Glycamerax, Rogrotus, Volzakaris, Kradazuur, and Hohengroth.

Tiamat emerges into Faerûn.

After defeating Tiamat's heralds, the alliance ultimately led an attack into the Temple of Tiamat, where Severin and Rath Modar were in the midst of summoning Tiamat from the Nine Hells. Though Severin and the rest of the summoners were slain, the heroes were too late to stop the coming of Tiamat, who began emerging into Faerûn. Fortunately, Linu La'neral was able to channel a spell to weaken her enough for their allies to defeat the dragon goddess, pushing her back into the Nine Hells and putting an end to the Cult of the Dragon's plot.

Module 6: Elemental Evil[]

Released April 2015

The Tree of Elemental Balance[]

Minsc and Boo in Protector's Enclave.

When Archdruid Morningdawn of the Emerald Enclave arrived in Neverwinter with word of a new threat rising in the Sword Coast, Lord Neverember took it seriously. With his permission, she erected the Tree of Elemental Balance to guard the city of Neverwinter. She explained that the currents of elemental forces had changed in such a way to cause dangerous concentrations of the elements, and that the tree would allow her to stabilize the flow. However, someone or something was interfering. The Emerald Enclave had reporting a building pressure of earth and water in the Ebon Downs, and while the great warrior Minsc had volunteered to investigate Morningdawn believed that more than his zeal would be needed and asked the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge to go with him. Deep in a cave within the Ebon Downs, Minsc and the heroes found cultists of elemental earth and water creating concentrated manifestations of elemental energy known as elemental seeds. When they brought the earth and water seeds back to Morningdawn, she concluded that the disturbance she felt was due to these elemental cults, who were apparently trying to create elemental nodes - two-way conduits to one the elemental planes.

The Elemental Prophets scheming in Neverwinter.

She planted the seeds beneath the tree, dissipating their energy and easing the balance, then asked them to continue on to Pirates' Skyhold, where Zhentarim agents had noticed some suspicious individuals disguised as monks. Their suspicions were proven accurate, as Minsc and the heroes discovered them to be cultists of elemental air and fire seeking to create more elemental seeds. Though the cultists swore to destroy Neverwinter with a devastation orb, they were eliminated and their seeds of fire and air brought back to Archdruid Morningdawn. She explained that a devastation orb was essentially elemental energy held in stasis until unleashed in a devastation earthquake, firestorm, tidal wave, or whirlwind. As the heroes once more planted the seeds beneath the tree, the elemental cults - tired of their interference in their plans - attacked Neverwinter. Together, the heroes and Minsc fought them back. Though they retreated, they were far from defeated, and Archdruid Morningdawn tasked the heroes with eradicating the cults' presence along the Sword Coast.

The Drowned Shore[]

Prophet Gar Shatterkeel of the Cult of the Crushing Wave.

After the Blackdagger Bandits were defeated, trade increased on the High Road. The Emerald Enclave began guiding travelers, and the Neverwinter Guard garrisoned the lighthouses on Raven Cliff Beach. However, a sudden tidal wave devastated the region and was swiftly followed by an invasion of aquatic monsters and cultists of Olhydra. The Harpers soon arrived to aid the Emerald Enclave at what had now become known as the Drowned Shore, where they were joined by sea elves who had been similarly impacted by the tidal wave and the cultists who followed behind. With the help of the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge, they dealt a heavy blow to the Cult of the Crushing Wave before entering the sea caves where they had created a water node - a portal to the Elemental Plane of Water itself. There the heroes faced down and slew their leader, the prophet Gar Shatterkeel, as he attempted to sacrifice a sea elf to Olhydra. She revealed that her sacrifice to Olhydra would have appeased the primordial enough to grant Gar a devastation orb, with which the cult could have created another tidal wave. In saving her, the heroes had in truth saved thousands.

Reclamation Rock[]

Prophet Marlos Urnrayle of the Cult of the Black Earth.

Meanwhile, following the death of Rohini, the Black Earth Mercenary Company had offered to help defend the reclaimed Helm's Hold, even going so far as to build their own fortress nearby. Though the council was wary, Lord Neverember vouched for their leader, a Waterdhavian noble named Marlos Urnrayle. Once the god Helm returned, however, the mercenaries revealed themselves as the Cult of the Black Earth, fanatical devotees of Ogrémoch - and Marlos himself was revealed to be a decadent medusa. As the cultists turned against the people they had been hired to defend, the council holed up within Helm's cathedral, the one place the cultists seemed unwilling to go, while outside a towering stone fortress known as Reclamation Rock erupted from the ground. When Lord Neverember learned of what had happened, he sent Neverwinter's ranger corps along with the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge to reclaim Helm's Hold. After securing first the Watcher's Forest and then the city itself, they entered the earth node that Urnrayle had created deep below the earth and struck down the prophet himself before he could succeed in making a devastation orb.

The Fiery Pit[]

Prophet Vanifer of the Cult of the Eternal Flame.

Within the newly-discovered dwarven city of Gauntlgrym, the dwarves had found the task of rebuilding the city to be too great an undertaking to accomplish within their lifetimes, and ultimately agreed to hire a company of artisans skilled in dwarven craftsmanship to aid them. No sooner had they rebuilt the Great Forge, however, than the artisans revealed themselves as the Cult of the Eternal Flame, crazed worshipers of Imix, and drove out the dwarves. Working with both the Harpers and the Lords Alliance, the dwarves put out the call for adventurers to reclaim their ancient home. The call was answered by the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge, who delved deep into Gauntlgrym. They discovered that the cultists had created a fire node, and intended to awaken the primordial Maegera to use her power to create a devastation orb to set the entire Sword Coast ablaze. When the cultists captured Delzoun-blooded dwarves to shut down the water pumps keeping Maegera asleep, the heroes knew they had to act fast. Though they defeated the cultists' leader, the tiefling prophet Vanifer, she swore that she would return. With the dwarves rescued and the cultists routed, however, the immediate threat had passed.

Spinward Rise[]

Prophet Aerisi Kalinoth of the Cult of the Howling Hatred.

After the devastating tidal wave that turned part of the High Road into the Drowned Shore, the Order of the Gauntlet began tracking elemental cultist activity across the Sword Coast. Though they quickly located the water, earth, and fire cults, it was some time before they found the base of the air cult. High above the Neverwinter Wood, followers of Yan-C-Bin called the Cult of the Howling Hatred had allied with a family of cloud giants to erect a series of floating towers known as Spinward Rise. Disguised as a place of contemplation and learning, they lured many scholars and aesthetics before their true nature was revealed. Clerics of Shaundakul, allied with the Harpers, the Emerald Enclave, and a clan of aarakocra, led an assault on Spinward Rise. There, they discovered that the cloud giants and cultists were creating devastation orbs, which they planned to unleash on cities all across the Sword Coast. After foiling their plans with the aid of the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge, though, their encampment came under siege by a massive force of air cultists, cloud giants, and slaadi. At its head was the prophet Aerisi Kalinoth - the winged elf leader of the Cult of the Howling Hatred - but even her power was not enough to achieve victory, as both she and her cult were destroyed.

Module 7: Strongholds[]

When an abandoned keep was discovered northeast of the Neverwinter Wood, the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge claimed and fortified it against attacks by orcs and dragons, using it as their base of operations within the region.

Module 8: Underdark[]

Released November 2015

The Dwarven King[]

The Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge were approached by Captain Belgold of the Neverwinter Guard, asking them to check out a mysterious fire at a nearby farmstead as they did not have the manpower to do so. There a terrified farmer told them that the drow had attacked in the night and killed his family. He was the only one to escape, and he set the windmill on fire to signal for help. The heroes slew the drow, but when they found the bodies of the farmer's family drained of blood in the basement, they realized they were facing not just drow, but vampires. When the heroes emerged from the farmhouse, they were met by Thibbledorf Pwent, who decided to check the place over while the heroes reported back to Captain Belgold. Belgold was glad the vampires had been dealt with, but remained suspicious of Pwent.

Belgold sent out some scouts, who reported back that Pwent had been seen attacking Ashmadai camps in the Neverwinter Wood. He asked the heroes to help finish off the Ashmadai, but also to see what information they could learn about Pwent's connection to the drow. The heroes met Pwent just outside the Ashmadai camp, who told them that the Ashmadai were controlling the vampire drow from the farm. Together they fought through the Ashmadai until they reached their leader, who claimed that the drow were actually Pwent's minions, and that someone named Candelaria would pay well for the battlerager's head. The heroes defeated the Ashmadai leader, but Pwent denied his claims and told them he was returning home to Gauntlgrym. Captain Belgold was less convinced, believing that Pwent must be connected to the vampires somehow.

Belgold sent the heroes to Gauntlgrym, where they found Pwent fighting off a band of Ashmadai. He told the heroes that the Ashmadai had stolen the helm of Bruenor Battlehammer, whose grave he was sworn to protect, and promised to "kill 'em to death in battle!" As they continued through the tunnels, they saw a number of disabled constructs. Pwent said he and Bruenor believed Moradin himself made them to protect Gauntlgrym, and remarked that when their quest was over he'd have to find a way to repair them. Further in, they encountered a number of vampiric drow who claimed that Pwent no longer controlled them, but Pwent continued to express ignorance. When they at last reached the throne room, they encountered Candelaria, a red wizard of Thay. When Pwent moved to kill her, though, she instead used Bruenor's helm to take control of his mind and forced him to attack the heroes while she fled. They battled him until he regained his sanity, at which point he confessed to them that he was undead; he fell in battle beside Bruenor a hundred years ago when a vampire slit his throat, but rather than kill him, the vampire turned Pwent into a vampire as well. Pwent eventually regained control of himself and continued protecting his king's grave, turning drow into his vampiric minions to help defend Gauntlgrym. Unfortunately, Candelaria and her Ashmadai minions recently appeared and turned the drow against him. The heroes agreed to track down Bruenor's helm, then returned to Captain Belgold to tell them what they had discovered.

The red wizard Candelaria in Mount Hotenow.

Belgold's scouts soon located Candelaria's lair within Mount Hotenow, and the heroes wasted no time traveling there. Within the depths of the volcano, they faced down and slew the red wizard, reclaiming Bruenor's helm. Pwent was overjoyed at its return, and decided to place it on the Throne of the Dwarven Gods to let the power of Moradin, Dumathoin, and Clangeddin Silverbeard cleanse any lingering corruption Candelaria's magics might have left on it. Though the vampiric drow were still on the loose, he was confident he could deal with them. Belgold was less confident, though, and sent some scouts to keep an eye on the vampiric battlerager.

Bonnego Battleaxe held captive by the orcs.

In the meantime, he had another task for the heroes. A member of the Neverwinter Guard - a dwarf named Bonnego Battleaxe - had recently gone missing in the foothills of Vellosk , after leaving without orders. With reports of orcs in the region Belgold couldn't spare enough soldiers to safely investigate, and asked the heroes to bring back word of Bonnego's fate. The heroes found Bonnego as a prisoner of the orc chieftain; he thanked them for the rescue, and said he'd be returning to reclaim the rest of his gear after healing up a bit. Belgold thanked the heroes for bringing him back, and told them that he'd chewed the dwarf out for going to Vellosk on his own.

Captain Belgold was worried that Bonnego planned to go off on an adventure regardless of what he said, and so asked the heroes to keep an eye on him; Bonnego was a good soldier, and Belgold didn't want to lose him on some reckless personal quest. Bonnego told the heroes that while his weapons were replaceable, the orcs had also stolen an important map that he needed back. Together, they journeyed to a nearby cave and battled through the Many-Arrows orcs dwelling within until they located Bonnego's map. They also found a number of documents suggesting that the orcs were planning a big raid, which they delivered to Captain Belgold. Belgold thanked them for keeping Bonnego safe, but feared the map would just lead him on another adventure.

Bonnego defending Shallow Waters alongside the Hero of Sleeping Dragon Bridge.

Belgold soon got word that the orcs and their ogre allies had attacked the town of Shallow Waters at the edge of the Neverwinter Wood, and sent the heroes to aid in its defense; Bonnego had already headed out to defend the town himself, against orders as usual. Together they fought through the burning streets, killing the orcs and ogres and rescuing the citizens of Shallow Water. When the battle was done, Bonnego invited the heroes to join him on a quest he was preparing to undertake. Back in Neverwinter, Captain Belgold rewarded them for saving Shallow Waters, but confessed his unease about Bonnego's quest.

Bonnego and Pwent meet in Gauntlgrym.

A short time later, Belgold told the heroes that Bonnego had resigned from the Neverwinter Guard to go on his quest. He was worried about what would make Bonnego throw away everything he had earned, and promised to reward them well for ensuring his safety. Bonnego told the heroes that the map led to the Throne of the Dwarven Gods within Gauntlgrym; when they told him they'd already been there, he appointed them as his guides. When they arrived below Gauntlgrym, they found their way blocked by ghosts iron constructs who deemed them unworthy of entry. Undeterred, Bonnego and the heroes destroyed them and pressed forward. One of the ghosts, upon his defeat, recognized Bonnego as his king. He confessed that they had failed to defend Gauntlgrym, and were driven mad by something lurking within the Underdark. When they reached the throne room, Bonnego sat upon the throne but was hurled off by some unknown force. Bonnego had little time to question why Moradin had rejected him, as they were suddenly beset by hordes of vampiric drow. They continued fighting them under Thibbledorf Pwent arrived, having mistaken them for graverobbers. Upon seeing Bonnego, however, he claimed that he had failed his king, and that he could not serve as a vampiric dwarf. Pwent then ran off over Bonnego's objections. Bonnego admitted to the heroes that he was in truth Bruenor Battlehammer, and that he had hoped to reclaim his throne. He didn't know why it rejected him, but he wanted to find out. Asking the heroes to keep his true identity a secret, they reported back to Captain Belgold that Bonnego was simply trying to clear the evil within Gauntlgrym and honor the name of Bruenor Battlehammer. Belgold understood his reasons, and hoped that perhaps their actions would be the key to finally reclaiming the city.

Bruenor and Pwent watch as a demon is summoned from the Abyss.

Bruenor eventually came to the conclusion that the throne rejected him because Pwent, his only loyal follower, was lost. In order to claim the throne, he would first need to save the battlerager. Together with the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge, Bruenor descended deeper into Gauntlgrym, fighting past a number of drow that had taken over the lower halls. When they found Pwent, he was surrounded by drow, their priestess ordering him thrown into a pit. Bruenor and the heroes leaped to his aid, but with her dying breath the priestess summoned a Nalfeshnee that knocked the two dwarves to the ground before going after the heroes. Though they quickly dispatched it, Pwent had disappeared. Vowing to save Pwent someday, Bruenor returned to the throne room. Though he had not saved Pwent, Moradin knew he truly desired to, and Bruenor was at last able to take the throne.

Rage of Demons[]

Drizzt and Regis in the Driftwood Tavern.

Before the heroes departed Gauntlgrym, Bruenor asked them to find Regis at the Driftwood Tavern in Neverwinter and tell him of Bruenor's return. The heroes found not just Regis, but Drizzt Do'Urden as well. Drizzt told them of an immense demonic invasion of the Underdark; though he didn't know the details yet, he did know that Demogorgon, the Prince of Demons himself, was part of the invasion. Drizzt intended to gather a force in Mantol-Derith to kill Demogorgon, and had already sent a message asking Bruenor to meet them there. Once they established themselves in Mantol-Derith, Bruenor told the heroes of a powerful tablet in Gauntlgrym that the demons were seeking. He had a Harper friend trying to secure it, but needed the heroes to help protect it from the demons. The heroes fought off a veritable horde of demons emerging from abyssal tears, until the Harper was able to decipher the tablet and learn that it contained the location of a powerful artifact that the demon lord Fraz-Urb'luu sought. Bruenor decided that the first thing he would do upon returning to Gauntlgrym would be to destroy it.

Drizzt, Regis, and Bruenor face Demogorgon near Mantol-Derith.

There were more immediate problems to deal with, though. Not only were demons invading the surface world all across the Sword Coast, but Gauntlgyrm itself was under renewed attack by demons - this time accompanied by undead mind flayers targeting the Throne of the Dwarven Gods. While the heroes fought off the mind flayers, Regis discovered that they were thralls of yet another demon lord: Orcus. More importantly, though, Drizzt had settled on a plan to defeat Demogorgon. Luring him into a cavern near Mantol-Derith, the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge fought Demogorgon alongside Drizzt, Bruenor, and Regis - aided by a mind flayer named Grazilaxx who also wished Demogorgon defeated. Together, they were able to push the Prince of Demons back into the Abyss.

Module 9: The Maze Engine[]

Released March 2016

Lans "Illithid Scourge" Thuliaga, servant of Baphomet.

With Demogorgon defeated, Bruenor decided it was time to push the demons out of Gauntlgrym. Together with Drizzt and the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge, they pushed through the ruins of Delzoun to close the abyssal tears from which the demons were issuing forth. After closing the tears, they were attacked by a servant of Baphomet named Lans "Illithid Scourge" Thuliaga, who insisted that the demons were their salvation. He retreated once he realized he was outmatched, but Bruenor elected to return to Gauntlgrym rather than give chase. Drizzt idly wondered if Lans could be saved from Baphomet's control. On their way back they were attacked by the Cult of the Eternal Flame, intent of taking Gauntlgrym for themselves. Even as they battled the cultists, though, more abyssal tears appeared - issuing forth a new army of demons. Just as they seemed overwhelmed, Linu La'neral appeared and shielded them as they made their escape.

While Bruenor met with Linu La'neral to see who else could aid Gauntlgrym, Drizzt joined the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge to go after the leader of the fire cultists. Arriving in Gauntlgrym, they found that Minsc had already been sent by the Emerald Enclave to help reclaim Gauntlgrym from the cultists. He was overjoyed to see them, declaring that together they would "kick much evil butt". Drizzt questioned how he was still alive, to which Minsc replied that "as long as evil exists, Minsc cannot rest!" Together they fought through the fire cultists' lines and defeated the leader of the invasion, General Fury. They also found a badly wounded knight, Lucas Shaneway III, who had come on behalf of the Lords' Alliance but found himself unprepared for the cultists' power. He offered the aid of the Lords' Alliance in exchange for some help with problems of their own; Bruenor begrudgingly agreed.

Lord Neverember told Bruenor that demons were emerging from the Chasm to attack the city. The Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge departed for the Chasm, while Drizzt and Bruenor remained in Mantol-Derith. There they learned that the demonic influence was causing all who entered the Chasm to go mad. Fortunately, Linu La'neral was able to use her divine magic to protect herself and the heroes from the madness as the descended. When they stopped in a safe area to rest, they were greeted by a goliath named Lans "Friend of the Friendless" Thuliaga who had been fighting demons with the Order of the Gauntlet and told them there was a balor in the depths of the Chasm. He was confused by the heroes' claim to have fought him in the Underdark, having not been there in months and having no memory of fighting them. Still, Linu recommended accepting his aid, reasoning that if they had beaten him before they could do it again. Together, they descended to the bottom of the chasm where they faced and defeated the balor. As it fell, Lans suddenly felt something taking control of his mind. Eyes blazing with demonic fire, he told them that Baphomet would reshape the world with the Maze Engine, and warned them to stay out of the Underdark before vanishing through a portal. The heroes returned to Mantol-Derith alongside the Neverwinter warlock Makos, who told Bruenor that the Maze Engine was a powerful artifact capable of reshaping reality.

The heroes returned to Neverwinter, where the demon lord Orcus had taken over the ruins of Castle Never in search of the phylactery of Valindra's dracolich, Azarzhel. The heroes fought through the hordes of demons and undead at his command and ultimately struck down the Prince of Undeath.

Eventually, the Zhentarim delivered information that a drow archmage named Vizeran DeVir had been fighting Baphomet's forces as well. While they didn't know where Vizeran was, Makos told them of an artifact called the Orb of Remembrance in an abandoned Cult of the Dragon lair in the Underdark that could be used to locate him. Though they discovered when they arrived that it was still occupied by a brood of red dragons, they pressed onward, undaunted. No sooner did Makos wonder why they had not been attacked than the dragon Larauthtor landed behind them. Thanks to a quick haste spell by Makos, the heroes managed to outrun the ancient red and reach safety in a deeper part of the cavern. There they found the Orb of Remembrance guarded by a Thayan lich named Zalia, but together they defeated her and claimed the artifact.

Once they were safely back in Mantol-Derith, Makos used the Orb to determine that Vizeran was in a place called Araj Tower in the Underdark. Drizzt led the heroes there, where they found the tower under assault by demons. Though Drizzt confessed that he did not trust Vizeran, he believed him to be their best chance of defeating Baphomet. After the demons were slain, Vizeran told them that the Maze Engine was located within the Labyrinth, now under Baphomet's control. He offered to create a portal to send them there, if the heroes could find the necessary components.

Vizeran required a grimoire from each of the four elemental cults, as well as the tome of Gromph Baenre. The Lords' Alliance sent Lucas Shaneway to deliver the fire grimoire, which they had previously acquired from the cultists in Gauntlgrym. Meanwhile, Drizzt and Minsc discovered that the surviving air and water cultists were meeting at Spinward Rise; the heroes accompanied them there to claim their grimoires. When they returned, Regis had word that the remnants of the Cult of the Black Earth, now led by General Onyx, were launching an attack on Helm's Hold from their fortress of Reclamation Rock. The heroes met Sergeant Knox and Celeste there, and together they defeated Onyx and the cultists and retrieved their grimoire.

While they were gone, Regis and Drizzt located Gromph Baenre's tome in an outpost near Menzoberranzan. Using a scroll of illusion, they disguised one of the heroes as a drow priestess and sent "her" to escort Drizzt as her prisoner as a pretense to get close enough to steal the tome. Though they bypassed the guards, Jarlaxle Baenre saw past their ruse. He was willing to give them Gromph's tome, though he also warned them not to trust Vizeran, who surely had an ulterior motive. He also informed them that it was Gromph who inadvertently summoned Demogorgon and the other demon lords into the Underdark. Before they could return to Mantol-Derith, though, demons suddenly attacked the outpost under the command of Lans Thuliaga. Though Drizzt and the hero battled the goliath, he escaped and boasted that they could not stop Baphomet from reshaping the Underdark. The heroes showed the books to Makos, who studied them alongside Grazilaxx to try and determine Vizeran's plans. Makos concluded that Vizeran did indeed plan to kill Baphomet, but was unclear as to whether he would destroy the Maze Engine or turn it against them. Deciding to play along for now, they delivered the books to Vizeran at Araj Tower; Vizeran insisted that the Maze Engine must be destroyed for the good of all, and began work on the spell.

While Vizeran worked, the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon returned to Gauntlgrym to help retake the bridge to the Underdark from the demons. Joined by Minsc, the Companions of the Hall, Linu La'neral, and the heroes of the Neverwinter Vanguard - who had all come to help defeat Baphomet - they easily slaughtered the demons and closed the Abyssal Tears before confronting their leader, Lans Thuliaga. While the heroes battled the goliath, Linu La'neral and Celeste performed a ritual to cleanse him of his demonic corruption. When they returned to Mantol-Derith in triumph, Vizeran met them at the docks, having completed his spell. Vizeran opened a portal to Baphomet's lair, and the entire party of legendary heroes stepped through. Baphomet was outraged at their audacity and fought ferociously, even turning the Maze Engine itself against them. In the end, though, the heroes managed to strike down and destroy the demon lord. Vizeran then attempted to claim the power of the Maze Engine for himself. Makos had prepared for his betrayal, however, and banished the drow wizard to the Abyss before destroying the Maze Engine. With Baphomet slain, Bruenor invited everyone back to Gauntlgrym for a feast in their honor. He declared that they would forever be known as Heroes of Gauntlgrym, and even named the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge as honorary members of the Companions of the Hall.

Meanwhile, in the depths of Gauntlgrym, Vanifer was visited by a projection of Vizeran DeVir, who named himself Harbinger of the Elemental Eye... And Vanifer's true master.

Module 10: Storm King's Thunder[]

Released August 2016

Wulfgar arrives to save the heroes.

A few months later, Bryn Shander decided to hold a festival. Lord Neverember sent the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge, along with Makos and Xuna to Icewind Dale to represent Neverwinter at the festival. The heroes joined Xuna at her camp in Rothe Valley to wait for Makos, but after a week of waiting they decided to depart for Bryn Shander without him. When they arrived, they found the entire area engulfed in some sort of unnatural frost that had frozen several creatures into solid ice. They learned that Bryn Shander had been attacked by frost giants shortly before some sort of icy blast frozen nearly everything. Worse, barbarians were taking advantage of the situation to attack Bryn Shander. After helping to defend the city, speaker Duvessa Shane asked the heroes to investigate the epicenter of the blast. While exploring they were attacked by yetis, but rescued by Wulfgar. At the center of the blast they found an unnatural icy cocoon of sorts, but could not determine what it was or what it contained. When Makos arrived, he determined that the cocoon contained Artus Cimber and his son, Sirac. Artus was once the guardian of the Ring of Winter, and Makos believed the giants attacked Bryn Shander specifically to get the ring. To thaw them, he would need a thistle from Catti-brie's garden in the Lonelywood. The heroes and Wulfgar left immediately, along with a caravan of refugees.

When they arrived, they found Lonelywood under attack by ice trolls. Though they defeated them, Catti-brie could not help Bryn Shander until Lonelywood's people were tended to. While Wulfgar left to scout the area and deal with the barbarians, the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge helped ensure that the people of Lonelywood had adequate supplies. With the town secured, Catti-brie led them to her shrine to Mielikki. Though they found it under attack by ice trolls, they fought off the monsters and acquired the thistle. Hurrying back to Bryn Shander, they gave the thistle to Makos who was able to free Artus and Sirac from the cocoon. Artus confirmed that the frost giants had taken the Ring of Winter from him, and that it was now in the hands of their leader, Storvald. When word arrived that a large frost giant force had landed at Cold Run and were excavating ancient ruins there, the band assumed it was related to the Ring of Winter and accompanied Artus there to try to recover it.

They soon deduced that the Ring of Winter was on the nearby Fangbreaker Island, and so the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge stowed away on a frost giant ship bound there along with Catti-brie, Wulfgar, and Makos in order to steal it back. When they arrived, they found a frost giant named Harshnag who had tracked the Ring of Winter since Bryn Shander and intended to take it from Storvald to protect the small folk. They soon were confronted by the frost giant Drufi, and while they stood their ground against her for a time the band soon found themselves outnumbered as more frost giants arrived, and were forced to flee. Makos conjured a barrier to slow the giants' advance, but was slain by Drufi as they escaped. The heroes regrouped and returned to Fangbreaker Island, the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge infiltrating Harshwind Hold from the back side of the island while Harshnag, Wulfgar, and Catti-brie created a distraction. Though they slew Drufi and avenged Makos, the Ring of Winter had already been moved elsewhere.

Sea of Moving Ice[]

Having worn the Ring of Winter for so long, Artus Cimber was able to sense its presence from within the Sea of Moving Ice. Together with the Arcane Brotherhood and Wulfgar's Elk Tribe, they set sail for an Ice Hunters village to prepare for their assault on Storvald's fortress of Svardborg. After discovering that Storvald had build a Runestead to imbue his forces with rune magic, Harshnag recruited Princess Serissa, daughter of the storm giant king Hekaton, to aid them as well. The group assaulted Svardborg, where they confronted Storvald in combat. The jarl drew continuously upon the power of the Ring of Winter, until ultimately its power froze him into solid ice. Artus Cimber retrieved the Ring of Winter and departed to parts unknown, while Serissa wondered if Harshnag might take over leadership of the frost giants.

Module 11: The Cloaked Ascendancy[]

Released February 2017

The wizards of the Cloaked Ascendancy.

Gyrion the Ascendant.

Lord Neverember paid to have Makos resurrected, but his soul would not return. When Neverwinter's River District was reopened, Lord Neverember erected a statue of Makos and dedicated the opening ceremonies to him. The ceremony was interrupted by the arrival of a group of mages known as the Cloaked Ascendancy. Their leader, Gyrion the Ascendant, claimed that he wore the crown of Lord Nasher and was therefore the true ruler of Neverwinter. As a heavily-armed band of Nasher rebels attacked, the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge helped Xuna and Sergeant Knox escort Lord Neverember and the civilians back to their ship. There, Celeste asked if Lord Neverember would give Gyrion the throne. When he refused, she left to determine whether the mage's claims were true.

Nostura of the Stone Eye.

Back in Neverwinter, Lord Neverember asked the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge to accompany him into the vaults below the Hall of Justice to see if the real Crown of Neverwinter is still there. Within, they encountered several fey creatures blocking their path. Lord Neverember sneered at the repeated threats to the city, and that even as he gave up everything--including his title as Open Lord of Waterdeep--to protect it, the people still called him "pretender." When they reached the bottom of the vaults, Lord Neverember confirmed that the crown was still there, meaning Gyrion was an imposter. Nostura of the Stone Eye, a powerful fey warlock of the Crowned Ascendancy, appeared and charmed Lord Neverember in an attempt to give her the crown. When the heroes resisted her spell and confronted her, she agreed to let them go and gave them a "peace offering" in the form of a treasure chest that was actually a mimic.

Kabal the Firesoul.

Learning that the Cloaked Ascendancy was recruiting out of the old Nasher hideout in the Blacklake District, the heroes infiltrated the hideout in disguise. There they met a fiery being named Kabal the Firesoul, who explained that he, Gyrion, Nostura, and Lukan were once mages of the Many-Starred Cloak before the Spellplague transported them into the Far Realm. Gyrion helped them survive and return to the Prime Material Plane, and believes that in Lord Nasher's absence it falls to his surviving wizards to lead Neverwinter. While Kabal trained the new recruits, the heroes headed deeper into the hideout where they found Gyrion attempting to recruit Lans Thuliaga to the cause. When Nostura called Gyrion away to her castle, the heroes searched the hideout and found a magical scroll. They were spotted by Celeste who, not recognizing them, sounded the alarm. The heroes easily dispatched the recruits the answered her call and took the scroll to a sage in Protector's Enclave. Though she could not fully decipher it, she identified it as Spellplague magic and was able to make out the word "Chasm."

Lukan of the Mystic Veil.

The heroes immediately left for Scar Keep overlooking the Chasm, where Josef Linkletter, now promoted to captain and starting to recover from the effects of the Spellplague, explained that Scar Company had lately begun to feel a pull towards the corrupted cathedral deeper in the Chasm. After dispatching the Order of the Blue Fire cultists that held it, they found another scroll written with Spellplague magic. Deciphering both scrolls, Captain Linkletter revealed that Gyrion was planning to enact a ritual that would unleash the Far Realm upon Neverwinter. After delivering this information to Lord Neverember, he asked to speak with the heroes discretely at a place in the River District where they would not be overheard. There he revealed that, with the loss of his position as Open Lord of Waterdeep and the vast sums he had spent battling the threats to Neverwinter, he was broke. His Mintarn mercenaries had either returned home or joined the Nashers, with only General Sabine remaining loyal, and he had even had to borrow money from merchants to pay the guards. The reconstruction of the River District was merely a cover, as the workers were there not to rebuild the city but to recover whatever treasures were buried in the rubble. He begged the heroes to drive the Cloaked Ascendancy out of the River District; if not for him then for Neverwinter, which would fall to chaos without a stable source of income.

Sergeant Knox leads the Heroes of Neverwinter against Nostura's forces.

With the aid of an Arcane Brotherhood mage named Kavatos Stormeye, the heroes found a way to enter the demiplanes they had created to perform their ritual. They confronted Gyrion, Kabal, and Nostura in each of their demiplanes, but all three fled before they could be slain. Returning to Neverwinter to report their success, they learned that Celeste had not defected to Gyrion's side, but had in fact by spying on him for Kavatos. She revealed that the fourth member of the Cloaked Ascendancy, the illusionist Lukan, had used his magic to hide their final ritual site at the beach below the city's walls as a backup plan in case the other three failed. As the Neverwinter Guard clashed with Nasher rebels, The heroes confronted Lukan. He babbled that he never wanted violence and that the others told him the ritual would save the city, begging the heroes to stop the bloodshed. Nostura arrived with a massive army, but Sergeant Knox appeared leading the other Heroes of Neverwinter to battle them while the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge halted the ritual.

As the heroes reached the ritual site, Gyrion sent Nostura and Kabal away while he battled the heroes himself. After a fierce battle, the mortally wounded Gyrion expressed regret that after surviving so much he had failed to save Neverwinter. With his last words, he told the heroes that it was up to them to protect the city, and died. Lord Neverember told the heroes later that Nostura and Kabal had fled into the Spellplague Caverns within the Chasm; the heroes gave chase and put an end the Cloaked Ascendancy for good.

Shroud of Souls[]

The Shard of Night above the River District.

With his friends slain, Lukan fled underground beneath the River District. Finding a "stone door with pretty symbols," he opened it and "scary shadows came out," unleashing a legion of wraiths upon the surface and causing a shadowy tower out of sync with the Prime Material Plane to appear in the sky. Kavatos swiftly apprehended and imprisoned Lukan before sending the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge to locate the door through which they had come. They found it within a Kelemvorite crypt, where the ghost of one of his clerics told them that the crypt had once held an artifact known as the Shroud of Souls, capable of calling the spirits of the dead. Long ago, Arklem Greeth had sent his apprentice, dragonborn necromancer named Morlanth, to obtain the Shroud of Souls. However, she was trapped within the crypt by the wards and turned into a shade by the Shroud's magic. When Lukan blundered in and broke the wards, Morlanth and her minions were set free. Morlanth quickly allied with the Netherese, moving the Shard of Night into the sky above the River District to use as a base of operations. Her goal was to use the Shroud of Souls to raise the Neverwinter Nine as wraiths.

Morlanth attempts to raise the Neverwinter Nine as wraiths.

With the Shard of Night partially existing in the Shadowfell, the only way to reach it would be through Neverwinter's reflection there, Evernight. The heroes spoke with the Doomguides of Kelemvor, and while they themselves did not know how to reach the city they brought out the phylactery of the lich Zarifrax to provide the information. Zarifrax asked them to procure some items from the Red Wizards at the Dread Ring in the Neverwinter Wood for use in a ritual to enter Evernight. He also sent them to the illithid Grazilaxx in Mantol-Derith to obtain a talisman of Orcus as a gift for Evernight's tribunal to allow them safe passage. Finally, he told them to locate a coffer he had stashed in the Neverdeath graveyard long ago that would be needed to get past Evernight's guards. Once in Evernight Zarifrax attempted to claim their souls, but the Tribunal remarked that, having provided proper tribute, the heroes were now under their protection and destroyed him. Asking that Zarifrax's phylactery be left with them, they told the heroes to search for entry to the Shard of Night within the Thayan enclave. The Red wizard there explained that attacking the Shard of Night from the Shadowfell would be suicidal, but that if they slew the Netherese ambassador and brought her his essence, she could create a key to allow them to enter from the Material Plane. With the key in hand, the heroes returned to the River District and entered the Shard of Night where they destroyed Morlanth and recovered the Shroud of Souls.

Module 12: Tomb of Annihilation[]

Released July 2017
The clerics at Helm's Hold began to report that people were turning up in varying states of decay, suffering from some sort of curse. Their magic couldn't stop it, and worse still they were unable to raise anyone who had died. The heroes went to investigate, where they were given a letter from an unknown source telling them that the source of the "death curse" could be found in Chult. Tristopher Chettlebell's master, a half-orc noble and former adventurer from Waterdeep who was suffering from the curse, financed an expedition. Joined by Minsc, Celeste, and Volothamp Geddarm, Tristopher and the heroes set sail for Chult.

As they sailed into the Bay of Chult, a dragon turtle appeared and demanded payment. Reasoning that dragon turtles respected strength, Volo shouted that they would pay him nothing; with a single blast of its steam breath, the dragon turtle destroyed their ship and the heroes washed ashore. Believing that the others would head for Port Nyanzaru if they survived, they made their way through the jungle and were reunited with Minsc, who had already been hired by one of the city's merchant princes, Wakanga O'tamu, to fight the undead in exchange for the use of a compound in the city by the expedition. While Volo and the captain had survived as well, Minsc had seen no sign of Celeste or Tristopher. They were soon joined by Makos, who explained only that he had set up contingencies in the event of his death and was the one who sent them the letter at Helm's Hold. While aiding the Order of the Gauntlet at Camp Vengeance, the heroes learned of a crone at Mbala named Nanny Pu'pu who might have knowledge of the death curse.

Celeste raised into undeath by Nanny Pu'pu.

Nanny Pu'pu agreed to help them, in exchange for recovering magical supplies stolen from her by the batiri of Yellyark. There they also found Celeste's dead body, but when they returned to Mbala Nanny Pu'pu offered to help restore her to life. She demanded a sacrifice in exchange, and Makos offered up a captive batiri. Celeste rose in undeath, angry at Makos for helping bring her back in such a state. While dead, however, Celeste received a vision from Selûne about a Chosen paladin of Ubtao named Ras Nsi who had betrayed his oaths, and had now pledged himself to a great evil within the Lost City of Omu. They ultimately located Ras Nsi within a shrine of Ubtao called the House of the Crocodile. There they found him transformed into a yuan-ti and seeking to create a temple to Dendar, the Night Serpent. The heroes slew Ras Nsi, but the demilich Acererak appeared. He congratulated them on their strength, though, and as a reward restored Celeste to life. Daring them to confront him within the Tomb of the Nine Gods in Omu, he departed.

Module 13: Lost City of Omu[]

Released February 2018
The Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge journeyed to the ruins of Omu and met up with a guide named Eku. She explained that Omu once honored nine trickster gods, whose power was being constrained by Acererak and his yuan-ti minions. Eku's communications with the trickster gods eventually revealed that the death curse was being caused by an artifact called the Soulmonger that was harvesting the souls of the dead and resurrected, though what Acererak intended to do with these souls she could not say. While helping to restore the gods' power, the heroes rescued Tristopher Chettlebell, who had been captured by the yuan-ti and taken below the city. They also met a mysterious woman named Val, who insisted that the Soulmonger be shut down without destroying it so that she could study it.

The heroes found an entrance to the Fane of the Night Serpent deep beneath the city. They were joined by Celeste, who had received a vision from Selûne regarding the evil serpent god Dendar. After slaying the yuan-ti priestess Fenthaza and clearing their way to Acererak's tomb, Makos arrived and made his own plea that the Soulmonger could be used for good. By denying liches souls to feed on they could be destroyed forever, and Nanny Pu-Pu's ritual could be used to save those who must be raised. Celeste furiously accused him of being a lich himself, swearing to personally destroy his phylactery if he ever advocated for Acererak again. Through Eku, the trickster gods revealed that Acererak had somehow found an atropal and intended to use the Soulmonger to nurture it into a new evil god. The heroes descended back into the Tomb of the Nine Gods, where the trickster gods severed the atropal's connection to the Soulmonger, destroying the artifact.

Module 14: Ravenloft[]

Released June 2018

The Hero of Sleeping Dragon Bridge wields the Sunsword against Strahd von Zarovich.

A wealthy patron of Neverwinter, Duchess Wyndrake, requested aid at her manor. She told the heroes of an unnatural fog that had been closing in around her lands, and of the arrival of travelers called the Vistani that many believed to be responsible. The Vistani elder told the heroes they had traveled from the land of Barovia, seeking heroes who could help their burgomaster's daughter, Ireena, who had been stricken by a foul evil. Traveling into the mists, they were magically transported to Barovia.

The heroes spoke with the Vistani leader, Madam Eva, who told them that only by defeating Strahd von Zarovich, who held all of Barovia in his dark grip, could they prevail. To do this, they would need to find the Sunsword, the Tome of Strahd, and the Symbol of Ravenkind. After saving the Vistani from an attack by Strahd's werewolves, they were given an amulet that would allow them to safely traverse the mists. Once in the village of Barovia, the monster hunter Ezmerelda d'Avenir told them that Ireena had attracted the attention of Strahd himself, who sought to make her his bride, and guided them in their search for the relics that could defeat him. While they battled Strahd's minions in Barovia, however, he kidnapped Ireena and took her to Castle Ravenloft.

Once the relics had been found, the heroes confronted Strahd in the castle courtyard. Wielding the power of the Sunsword they managed to force Strahd to retreat, allowing them to save Ireena. They gave her the Vistani heirloom so that she could leave Barovia and forever escape Strahd's grasp, before entering the castle itself to end his evil for good. With Strahd defeated, the mists parted and the heroes were able to return to Faerûn.

Module 15: The Heart of Fire[]

Released January 2019

The Hero of Sleeping Dragon Bridge pries the Heart of Fire out of the statue of Moloch.

Following a flyer posted in Protector's Enclave, the Heroes of Neverwinter joined Acquisitions Incorporated as interns. After completing their orientation, they plummeted into the Mount Hotenow caldera with feather fall to retrieve a deep crow egg for Jim Darkmagic. Afterwards, Omin Dran told the heroes he sought a legendary gemstone known as the Heart of Fire. To find out more about it, they went to Icespire Peak to consult the frost giant Lakkar. Lakkar told them only that he had cut the Heart of Fire himself, so they infiltrated a beholder convention to gather more information. They learned of a treasure-filled temple in Chult, so Omin sent them to Pirate's Skyhold to rescue a lizardfolk whose tribe had built it. Armed with the lizardfolk's secret key, they infiltrated the temple and pried not one but TWO Hearts of Fire from a statue of the archdevil Moloch. After fighting off a vengeful deep crow, they returned to Neverwinter where Omin Dran told them to keep one of the gems lest having both in one place attract too much attention.

Some time later, Omin learned that the Zhentarim had kidnapped Lord Neverember's son, Renaer. The heroes tracked him to an old Xanathar hideout on Blackdagger Coast, and after rescuing him discovered that the Zhentarim were seeking information about the Stone of Golorr and intended to blame the Xanathar for the kidnapping, having also captured its pet goldfish, Sylgar. After the heroes returned the goldfish, the beholder told them that the Zhentarim planned to use rust monsters to break into the Manycoins Bank in Neverwinter and steal the stone from the vault. Aided by Jim Darkmagic and his wand of wonder, the heroes defended the bank from the Zhentarim and protected the contents of Neverember's vault.

Module 16: Undermountain[]

Released June 2019
After everyone in Faerûn received visions of riches within Undermountain, portals into the dungeon began appearing. At the behest of Lord Neverember, the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge followed a band of adventurers into one of these portals. They arrived just in time to see the others taken prisoner by the servants of Halaster, after which a mysterious voice guided the Heroes to the passage up to the Yawning Portal and begged them not to return.

Undeterred, the Heroes returned to the Catacombs to find a friend of Durnan's named Anton. While rescuing him, they found themselves in the middle of a territorial battle between the Undertakers and the Xanathar Guild. While pitting them against each other, the Heroes learned of something called the Gatestaff of Undermountain, created by Halaster and capable of opening portals from Undermountain to anywhere in Faerûn. A contact with the Harpers told them his agents had seen the staff in Wyllowwood, but to get there they would have to go through the Twisted Caverns. However, an aboleth had taken control of the creatures there and Halaster had enchanted the gateway to open only with an aboleth's blood. With the help of a local tribe of kuo-toa, they slew the aboleth and returned to the Wyllowwood gate with its severed tentacle. There the voice revealed itself as the ghostly remnant of Jhesiyra, one of Halaster's apprentices who came to Undermountain with him a thousand years ago. She turned against them when she saw them going mad, but was imprisoned. Just then she bade the heroes to hide, as Halaster appeared searching for her. Once the danger had passed, they proceeded through the gate.

After meeting up with the Harpers there, the Heroes learned that they were tracking a mysterious woman who held the Gatestaff, but that their efforts were being hampered by a green dragon named Valdemar. The Heroes entered Valdemar's lair, where they found an intelligent sword named Tearulai that wished to help kill the dragon. After defeating the dragon they plunged the blade into its skull, inadvertently allowing Tearulai to take control of its body. Tearulai started perusing Valdemar's memories for the Gatestaff and determined that it was being wielded by a lich named Arcturia, who was working with a "metal mage" to empower the Cult of Malar. Jhesiyra confirmed that the metal mage was Trobriand, and that both he and Arcturia were apprentices of Halaster. With Tearulai's help the Heroes attacked the Cult of Malar and found Arcturia using the Gatestaff to send cultists through a series of portals. Though she polymorphed Tearulai into a chicken when they confronted her, the Heroes were still able to destroy her. Before they could claim the Gatestaff, however, Trobriand appeared and took it through a portal to Terminus.

By the time they arrived in Terminus themselves, Trobriand had already departed. They befriended the self-styled ruler of Terminus, a mad planetar named Fazrian, in order to travel freely and destroy Trobriand's forges. After killing Fazrian's traitorous duergar servant Valtagar, they found a ledger showing that he was sending shipments to Trobriand in Vanrakdoom. Fazrian therefore commanded the Heroes to go there and bring him to justice. In Vanrakdoom, the Heroes found Celeste. She had seen visions of a great evil, and led adherents of Selûne to Undermountain to battle the followers of Shar. As the Heroes battled them, though, Celeste realized that her visions had not been granted by Selûne. Rather, the visions she - and everyone else - had received had been intended to lure them to Undermountain to be captured by Trobriand and their souls used to power an army of constructs.

The Heroes also met the last survivor of an expedition sent by Helion Moonstar, descendant of Vanrak Moonstar. They had been sent to cleanse the corruption from the shadow dragon Umbraxakar, whom the cultists of Shar were using to pull all of Vanrakdoom into the Shadowfell. With the help of Celeste, they redeemed the spirit of Vanrak before purging the darkness from Umbraxakar and turning him back into the bronze dragon Glyster. Finding that Trobriand had entrusted him with the Gatestaff, Jhesiyra channeled her power through the Heroes to destroy it. With the Gatestaff destroyed, they proceeded into the Lair of the Mad Mage and put an end to both Arcturia and Trobriand.

Module 17: Uprising[]

Released August 2019
When Kavatos Stormeye detected a magical disturbance in Undermountain, he asked the Hero of Sleeping Dragon Bridge to investigate, noting reports of increased mind flayer activity in the area. The source of the disturbance turned out to be a portal to Stardock, placed by the githzerai to lure a capable adventurer to aid them against both the illithid and the githyanki in Undermountain. The gith Yrlakka explained that their adversaries had found fragments of the ancient Teachings of Zerthimon, and that if either group obtained all the fragments they could bypass the defenses of the githzerai fortress of Shra'kt'lor. The adventurers recovered fragments from a neothelid, the githyanki dragon knight Surlock, and the red dragons Zolcharrx and Infernexus, ensuring the continued safety of Shra'kt'lor.

With the githyanki and illithid offensives broken, the heroes entered Halaster's personal library to confront the Mad Mage himself.

Module 18: Infernal Descent[]

Released January 2020
Sergeant Knox asked the Heroes of Neverwinter to investigate the estate of Berion Vallenhas, where a dark sphere swirling with fiery magic had appeared in the sky upon the death of his father. An elf named Etrien Sael told them that she knew of a paladin at Helm's Hold who could help, but when they arrived they found the fortress had become the battleground for a chaotic fight between demons and devils. Etrien's friend turned out to be Berion's older brother, Alric, who sought a demonic puzzlebox he believed would unlock his father's secrets. When she told him about the sphere, though, he hurried back to the estate just in time to see it consumed by the sphere. Alric led Etrien and the heroes to Evernight to find Makos and request transportation to the Nine Hells, where they discovered that the Vallenhas Estate now floated in the sky above Avernus.

Though the estate's mages had erected an arcane barrier to keep out the fiends, they knew they would not be able to hold out forever. Alric asked the heroes to descend into the vaults below the estate with Etrien and retrieve an artifact called the Shield of Lamuel. With it, they were able to replace the barrier with a new one powered by holy energy to keep the devils out while they determined what had brought them to Avernus. With the keep secured, the heroes entered the Infernal Citadel and sundered the chains anchoring Vallenhas Estate.

Rage of Bel[]

Zariel was enraged by the heroes' actions, and sent Bel to deal with them. Makos offered his help in holding back the archdevil's armies.

Module 19: Avernus[]

Released June 2020
Vallenhas was visited by Lulu the hollyphant, who proposed finding Zariel's sword, which held the last pure hope of her soul, to bring her back to the light so that she would return Vallenhas to the Material Plane. Makos opened a portal down to Fort Knucklebone on the surface of Avernus.

The Redeemed Citadel[]

Zariel is redeemed, and is reconstructing the Bleeding Citadel.

Class and Race Quests[]

It seems that every zone has quests that are given to the player depending on the character race.

Tieflings get quests related to their families' old relation to Lord of the Lies. These quests are usually related to disallowing the false Ashmadai to affect the world around them. In Blacklake District, the main character must put up posters to warn the gangs of Blacklake about the Ashmadai whom are trying to influence them.

Halflings have quests that relate to helping their own community, like finding housing in Blacklake and requesting the aid of the Ghostwise.

Half-elves quests revolve around finding allies for Neverwinter from the various races and people around the city including half-orc defectors from the Many-arrows forces, Forsworn Barbarians and Icespire Dwarves using their natural diplomatic prowess.

Half-orcs get quests related the many-arrows orcs and the effects the spellplague has on them which led them to move from Grummsh's worship to the abolethic sovereignty and together with a orcish shaman must find a way to reverse this.

In game references[]

In Protector's Enclave, there is a street named "Deekin Street," a reference to the kobold bard Deekin Scalesinger of the Neverwinter Nights series. Later, in the Well of Dragons, Linu La'neral makes a direct reference to the events of the first Neverwinter Nights; specifically, her involvement in battling the Wailing Death.

Side Quests[]

There are many side quests in the game that are tangential to the main plot. One of the more notable quests is "A Lich's Lament" in Neverdeath Graveyard. The player finds a phylactery of a Lich named Zarifrax, who has tired of his endless plots and schemes and now just wants to find a nice, quiet place to rest for all eternity. After rejecting several potential locations and railing against Kelemvor ("Now Jergal, there was a god of death! Of course, Bhaal and Myrkul had their qualities, too."), Zarifrax decides he doesn't want to "unlive" on this planet anymore and asks to be given to Kelemvor's Doomguides to be destroyed. When Doomguide Volahk says that they have a protected vault to seal the phylactery away forever, Zarifrax laughs; the Doomguide simply believes he has gone insane.



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Baphomet's infernal talisman
belt of wisdomDemogorgon's girdle of mightgirdle of strengthowlbear leather belt of intelligenceplated band of constitutionsash of charismatwined rope of dexteritywhip of the erinyeswrap of the serpent
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Lakkar's axe


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arcane singularitychill strikechilling cloudconduit of icedisintegrateentangling forcefanning the flameflame strikefurious immolationice knifeice stormicy raysicy terrainimprisonmentmaelstrom of chaosmagic missilemind blankneutralize poisonoppressive forceray of enfeeblementray of frostrepelscorching burstshard of the endless avalancheshieldshield pulsesteal timestorm pillarsunburstteleportTenser's floating disk


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IoWind Dukes of Aaqa


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amethystaquamarineblack opaldiamondemeraldjadeiteperidotquartzrubysapphiresphene
Plants & Fungi
aegwyrtbearberrybitter berrydark cloverdeva's trumpetflaxmaplemyrrhneriumnightshadepurple panacearhubarbrose (rift rose) • Selûne's Tearskullcap mushroomspicerootspotted mushroomsugar beattree of elemental balanceumber leafwitchcapwolfsbane
aqua fortisaqua regiaaqua vitaefish gluegurglewortholy watersalt (alum, Moonsea salt, natron, nitre, potash, rock salt, sal ammoniac, volcanic salt) • terebinth
alembicawlbellowschiselgrindstonehammermortar and pestlepickaxesabikisextantshearsspyglasstongs
apparatus of Gondapparatus of KwalishBuccaneer's Tearcarpet of flyingHalruaan skyshipinfernal war machinelongshipMagister's Hope
Referenced only
Battle of DeepfiresbluecapHighharvestideripplebarkWeeping War



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Neverwinter received "mixed or average" reviews on Metacritic holding a metascore of 74/100 on both PC[4] & PS4[5] and 66/100 on Xbox One.[6]