The Neverwinter Guard was a military organization that served as the army of Neverwinter in the late years of the 15th century DR.[1]


The leader of the Neverwinter Guard was General Sabine. Among the most prominent commanding officers was Sergeant Knox.[1]

Although at first most of the Neverwinter Guard was made up by Mintarn mercenaries, a few members of the Guard were locals from Neverwinter that voluntereed themselves to serve under Lord Dagult Neverember.[1][note 1]


Besides maintaining peace and order within the city and to protect it from any threat, the Neverwinter Guard was not simply a city watch, although they also fulfilled that role. The Neverwinter Guard was the de facto army of the city. Their duty also included patrolling the areas located in Neverwinter's immediate vicinity.[1]


When Dagult Neverember started his New Neverwinter movement, around 1467 DR, he was fully aware that installing forces from Waterdeep would fuel a rebellion among the Neverwintans. So Neverember relied on mercenaries from Mintarn, led by General Sabine, to enforce the law and to protect the city from monsters and bandits.[2] Over time, this military force eventually became known as the Neverwinter Guard.[1]

In 1479 DR, the Neverwinter Guard suffered heavy losses while defending the city during the Siege of Neverwinter.[1]

In 1489 DR, many members of the Sons of Alagondar, Neverember's staunch opposition, began to volunteer themselves to serve in the city guard, making Neverember depend less on the services of the Mintarn mercenaries.[3] This led to the creation of the Wintershield Watchmen.[4][5] Neverember still hired a few mercenaries to help to protect Neverwinter and train the local troops rather than to accept the help of the armies of the Lords of Waterdeep, whom Neverember felt had betrayed him when they exiled him from Waterdeep.[3]

When Lord Neverember's claim as Lord Protector of Neverwinter was in doubt because of the actions of the Cloaked Ascendancy, many of the Mintarn mercenaries quit the Guard and left Neverwinter. Those Mintarn were later replaced by local Neverwintans.[1]

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  1. Members such as Sergeant Knox and Private Wilfred.


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