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Neverwinter Nights, produced by BioWare and published by Infogrames (now Atari), is a third-person perspective computer role-playing game that is based on third edition Dungeons & Dragons rules, set in the Sword Coast, centering around the City of Skilled Hands, Neverwinter.

An expansion pack, Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide, was released in June 2003, and a subsequent expansion pack, Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark was released in December 2003. In October 2005, Neverwinter Nights: Kingmaker, an expansion pack that includes three new modules was released. On October 31st (US) / November 3rd (EU), 2006 a sequel, Neverwinter Nights 2, was released.


Play centers on the development of a character that becomes the ultimate hero of the story. In the original Neverwinter Nights scenario supplied with the game engine, the player is single-handedly responsible for defeating a powerful cult; stopping an insatiable plague; thwarting an attack on the city of Neverwinter, and many other side quests.

The first and final chapters of the story in the official campaign deal with the city of Neverwinter itself, but the lengthy mid-story requires the player to venture into the countryside and then northward to the city of Luskan. Neverwinter is a city on the Sword Coast of Faerûn. It is part of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting.


The original scenario provided with Neverwinter Nights constitutes the main campaign, encompassing approximately sixty hours of gameplay. This gameplay focuses on the progression of a PC through various adventures, ultimately transforming them into the hero of the narrative. The central objectives for the PC include vanquishing a formidable cult, gathering four essential reagents to halt a plague, and preventing an assault on the city of Neverwinter. While the campaign's initial and concluding chapters concentrate on the city of Neverwinter, the expansive middle segment necessitates the player's exploration of the surrounding countryside and a journey northward to the city of Luskan. Throughout this journey, numerous optional side quests are available for the player to undertake.

As in Dungeons & Dragons, the initial task for a player is to create a new character. The game offers a selection of pre-made characters, or alternatively, the player can create one from the ground up. A series of panels guide the player through choosing the character's gender, race, class, alignment, ability scores (such as strength and intelligence), specialized abilities known as skills and feats, in-game appearance, and name. This process allows for extensive customization; for instance, a player can opt to be an outdoorsman (ranger) or a healer (cleric) and then select skills and feats that complement that class within the game.

Following a brief prelude, the original game comprises four chapters, each advancing a segment of the overarching storyline. Within each chapter, players encounter numerous quests, subquests, and mini-storylines. The progression of certain storylines depends on the specific quests completed and the unique items retained, with some narratives unfolding throughout the entire game. Completing many side quests grants the PC additional experience and special items, facilitating their advancement and easing gameplay progression. These improvements manifest as levels earned through experience points, with each level providing the protagonist with a set of enhancements chosen by the player.

The game's mechanics adhere to the Dungeons & Dragons 3rd edition rule set. The outcomes of most actions, such as combat and skill usage, are determined randomly by dice rolls. Upon a successful hit, another die is rolled to determine the damage inflicted, with more powerful weapons assigned to dice with a higher number of sides, reflecting their greater damage potential. Although the results of nearly all actions are determined by these dice rolls, the player does not see them, as the calculations occur in the background. However, players have the option to display the outcomes of these rolls. The game can be controlled almost entirely via the mouse.


A robust multiplayer feature sets Neverwinter Nights apart from previous Dungeons & Dragons games, enabling players to join various servers hosting diverse games. Depending on the server's hardware and bandwidth, it can accommodate up to ninety-six players along with DMs who can manage the games. The game modules encompass a wide array of genres and themes, including persistent worlds similar to MUDs, combat arenas for player-versus-player engagements, servers focused on sexually oriented roleplay, and simple social gatherings akin to chat rooms. BioWare stipulates that these persistent worlds must be offered free of charge, primarily to adhere to copyright regulations.

Many persistent worlds are still actively run with updates and improvements. Servers can be linked together as well, allowing the creation of large multi-server worlds. Two early examples include A Land Far Away and Confederation of Planes and Planets.

Due to the absence of a global chat function, aside from the supported GameSpy, players of Neverwinter Nights generally join pickup games through the game's multiplayer interface or prearrange games with friends. Matchmaking websites can assist in scheduling these games, providing an experience similar to traditional pen-and-paper role-playing games. Persistent worlds streamline this process by inviting players to visit their websites and continue roleplaying there.

A key feature of Neverwinter Nights is the Dungeon Master Client, a tool that enables an individual to assume the role of Dungeon Master. The Dungeon Master guides players through the story and has complete control over the server. Upon its release, Neverwinter Nights was regarded as the first successful implementation of this feature. The DM Client allows players to engage in regular campaigns and supports the growth of persistent world servers by enabling DMs to take control of NPCs mid-game, enhancing realism and flexibility. Additionally, the Dungeon Master Client allows users to spawn and manage large groups of monsters and NPCs similarly to controlling units in a real-time strategy game.

Custom Content[]

Neverwinter Nights ships with the Aurora toolset, which allows players to create custom modules for Neverwinter Nights. These modules may take the form of online multiplayer worlds, single player adventures, character trainers or technology demos. Additionally, several third party utilities have further expanded the community's ability to create custom content for the game. Custom content creators are known as builders in the Neverwinter Nights community.

The Aurora toolset allows builders to create map areas using a tile system; the appearance and surface textures of the area are defined by the area's selected tileset. Builders can overlay placeable objects onto areas, and use the built-in scripting language NWScript to run cut scenes, quests, mini-games and conversations. NWScript is based on C++.

Third party utilities allow builders to create custom content for most aspects of the game, ranging from new playable races and character classes to new tilesets, monsters and equipment. Custom content is added to the game in the form of hakpaks. Builders have used the Aurora toolset in combination with hakpaks to create playing experiences beyond the scope of the original campaign. Despite the game's age, the Neverwinter Nights custom content community remains active.

The Aurora toolset is not available for the Linux and Macintosh versions of Neverwinter Nights. The open source project never number of prestige classes the original game had. It also adds dozens of epic spells, and many normal spells that make better use of BioWare's Aurora engine. These include: Teleportation, Transposition, Mazes, Summoning Houses and more. As well, psionic powers have been included, which are essentially spells, but done with "power points", akin to the sorcerer class. This "expansion" can be found at, along with documentation.

Despite the game's age, the Neverwinter Nights custom content community remains vibrant and active. Primarily centered on the [Neverwinter Vault], this community has produced over 4,000 modules for the game. Among these are numerous award-winning adventures and series, showcasing the enduring creativity and dedication of the community.

Premium Modules[]

In late 2004, BioWare launched its online store and started selling what it called premium modules as part of its digital distribution program. This initiative was spearheaded by BioWare's Live Team Lead Designer, Rob Bartel. Though technically not expansions, these smaller-scale adventures introduce new storylines and gameplay. They often include new music and art that BioWare claims will be integrated into future patches and updates to the core game. The most recent patch, 1.69, includes a great number of the art and music that you find in the premium modules.

According to BioWare, the revenue generated is used to support their fan community and provide ongoing updates and improvements to the popular game. Unfortunately the modules that are sold for download require internet access to play even though they are single player only. The modules in the Kingmaker expansion were stripped of this requirement but are only for Windows. The modules included with Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition do not require Internet access to play.

  • Neverwinter Nights: Pirates of the Sword Coast — In June, 2005, BioWare announced the upcoming release of a new premium module. The story begins in the city of Neverwinter, and leads to a lengthy ship-borne, swashbuckling-style adventure. Characters start at 5th level.
  • Neverwinter Nights: Infinite Dungeons — In May, 2006, BioWare released this premium module which takes place in Undermountain below Waterdeep. The main feature is randomly generated dungeons, which are suitable for all levels of adventurer. The module is designed for single and multiplayer gaming.
  • Neverwinter Nights: Wyvern Crown of Cormyr — Released later in 2006, this module highlights features introduced in the then-recently released V.2 of the Community Expansion Pack (CEP), including fully ride-able horses and horseback combat. Developed by community developer DLA, it is a single-player module, and (as of yet) the last Premium Module to be released by BioWare.
  • Neverwinter Nights: Kingmaker — In November, 2004, BioWare announced their flagship premium module, which later received the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences 'PC RPG of the Year' award. The player is called upon to defeat the evil at the Keep of Cyan, and win the throne. This module is not set in the Realms.
  • Neverwinter Nights: ShadowGuard — At the same time as Kingmaker's release, BioWare also offered a bundled pair of shorter premium modules. ShadowGuard, created by community member Ben McJunkin, in which you are drawn to the attention of a group of agents called the ShadowGuard after your sterling work at the Imperial academy of Ghaarak. This module is not set in the Realms, instead, it takes place the homebrewed setting of the Shakhara empire.
  • Neverwinter Nights: Witch's Wake — In the same bundle a remastered version of Rob Bartel's popular story-oriented module by the same name. The remastered version added new subraces, music, and substantial voice-acting throughout. After a battle, you are privy to the last words of a dying prince, yet you cannot remember who you are or where to go to report this. This module does not take place in the Realms.


Main article: Neverwinter Nights 2

A sequel to Neverwinter Nights, Neverwinter Nights 2, was developed by Obsidian Entertainment, a company which had long been working with BioWare. According to BioWare, the change of developer is due to BioWare's business with other titles, such as Mass Effect and Dragon Age. The game was released in late 2006, and is set around the city of Neverwinter and the Mere of Dead Men.


The story begins in 1372 DR with the player character being sent by Lady Aribeth to recover four monsters needed to make a cure for the Wailing Death, a plague that is sweeping the city of Neverwinter. With the help of Fenthick Moss, Aribeth's love interest, and Desther, Fenthick's friend, the player character is able to retrieve the monsters. As he is collecting these monsters, he is attacked by mysterious assassins from the cult that is behind the spreading of the plague.

As the cure is being made, Castle Neverwinter is attacked by Desther's minions. He takes the completed cure and escapes the castle, with the player character and Fenthick in pursuit. When they catch up to Desther, he surrenders after a short battle. Desther is sentenced to burn at the stake, and Fenthick, despite being unaware of Desther's true intentions, is sentenced to hang.

The player character meets up with Aribeth and they begin searching for the cult responsible for the plague and the attack on Neverwinter. With the help of Aarin Gend, Neverwinter's spymaster, the player character retrieves diaries of dead cultists and letters from a person named Maugrim, which convinced Aribeth that the cult's headquarters are in Luskan. Aribeth goes ahead to Luskan, and the player character follows after speaking once more to Gend.

After arriving in Luskan, the player character hears rumors that Aribeth is joining with the cultists. These fears are confirmed when he finds her meeting with Maugrim and Morag, Queen of the Old Ones. They seek magical relics called Words of Power.

The player character retrieves all of the Words of Power except for one, held by the cult. He discovers that the words open a portal to a pocket world inside the Source Stone, where Morag and the other Old Ones are. He confronts Aribeth, and depending on how he handles the meeting, she either surrenders to the player character or he is forced to kill her. He then confronts Maugrim for the final word. He uses the words to enter the Source Stone and battle with Morag. After Morag's death, he escapes the stone as the world inside it implodes.



Hero of Neverwinter
Boddyknock GlinckleDaelan Red TigerGrimgnawLinu La'neralSharwynTomi Undergallows
Aribeth de TylmarandeDesther IndelayneKlauthMaugrim KorothirMorag
Elaith Craulnober
AawillAgarAgnes MastersonAlaefinAlayaAlekosAlhelorAnder (Port Llast)AndrodAnselArklem GreethArteno GethArto WebberAruph ThunderfistAsheeraArwylAverikAvistaBaramBaraxBarun SilverbladeBelaBelarianBelialBernaBertrandBethanyBilliamBimBlaskar LauthlonBorlanBranBreeBreganBrileyBrunoBurkeBurtCabbageCaliandrosCallahanCallikCendranChandraChaohinonCharonChristovClancyClaudusColmarrConstance O'DeelDalciaDamasDanford Q. MobleyDara'neiDariusDarktongue BreakboneDeelinDelilahDeltagar ZhelhundDelvar VanatharDendyDergiabDhanisDrakeDreginDukeDulcimaeDumal ErardDurgaDyddDylanEckelEdegarEldanElgarEltoora SarptylElynwydElynwyd DireleanEmernikEndar HeartfoodEravianErb JansenErdanErgusErikErjackErrolEvaineFashiFenthick MossFerdinandFestiliardFlargFonlimFormosa LaitannenGalroneGamGanonGeldarGerrolGethGilbertGildaGillesGlaviusGonmirGorgothGorkanGraxxGregor ArmisteGromminGuardian of HelmGulgashGulnanGurak EntrailspillerGuzudHaedralineHalionHaljal ThrondorHarben AshensmithHarrisHectorHemmel MastersonHennaHerbanHewwetHoddHoffHruskHubertHusher ClayIbarumIglandIngoIslundIssabonJaceJaerJaheetJalekJanisJankenJaredJarooJaxJemanieJerolJeromeJevonJinkiesJohnnyJohnsJonesKarathis IronheartKarlat JharegKasmaKeenerKellisaiKendrackKettaKikiKippKrestalKurdan FenktKurthKyleLaranaLeahLentonLerkLillian CambridgeLodarLonda WhitesnowLoxarLuceLydiaMa'fel'no'sei'kedeh'naarMaegelManoMarcus PenholdMarrokMary O'DeelMatillyMaureenMeironMeldanenMillyMissus EisenfeldtMister EisenfeldtMontgomery WeathersonMordenMullandMungMutaminNaiadNasher AlagondarNaxNeiborNeurikNevaNuglatNyatarNyphithysOleff UskarOlgerdOphala CheldarstornOrethOrlaneOrreanPallaPavelPeter O'DeelPhoebePrichevPunkinQuint JharegRelmarRevatRezronRhaineRimardo DomineRolganRolkidRuzon VondSallySamuelSaulterSedos SebileSergolSetaraShadeShaldrissa DothwintylSilkSilverbackSirilSolomonSorenSpirit of the WoodStirgeSynsilliusarianTamoraTanglebrookTanithTelmaTerariThoms RumbottomThurinTolan LosenTorasTorinUlfnogUncasUrthVaathValindra ShadowmantleVandaVengaul BloodsailVoleronWaltersWanevWelcarWinthorpWittianWyvernYariYeanashaYesgarYusamYvetteZamithraZarnZedZedirZemeriaZor
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AgathaAjanAlagandaAlavarAldoAlesiaAllochAlusair ObarskyrAmlaruil MoonflowerAndrod GoldenAnsal BloodshoulderAzariah CraulnoberAzoun Obarskyr IVBalduranBelmarBigbottomBindle TempertuppinBinnyBirchBlack LichBrightmaneBruenor BattlehammerBucktoothCastter De'wessChasiannaCiressa Gin'draCraghandCyril LyricusDannenDrokasDruxus RhymElminster AumarEnderminEnkiduFarthingdonFedard JansenGalevaarGareth DragonsbaneGendlesen BarstowGisnerviGollothGriffHalueth NeverHannableHodgeHoisureHorkIoulaumJagen MarskJasswinJeraboam CanterJerred StormlordJim SeedyJordius Caini Getafix IIIKendKerikKhelben ArunsunKlaphen FortierLagosraLayenne CherouxLiadonMaynardMekhariMenronMenthan CalcolerMiaslaznia FairbladeMidnightMiklos SelkirkNatnea CheshNebachnaNjalObouldOjyOrbakhPintoPolt HenriksonPookyProphyroRandallReegarReginald Rumbottom IIIResinoRonger DelphosSabbalan ViheyedSaidaSamirSamuel BumbleheartScottie TorilsonSelarnaSerregSilvermaneSkarlinSoggy NurkelSynth La'neralSythillisTamlen WhitesnowTeki JinTelennTythitValmaxianVangerdahast AeiulvanaWaltersZoe


Playable races
allipanimated armorbadger (dire) • battle devourerbattle horrorbear (black, brown, dire, grizzly, polar) • beetle (bombardier, fire, stag, stink) • boar (dire) • bodakbugbearchickencockatricecougarcowcrag catcurstdeerdogdragon (green, brass, blue, gold, red, white) • dryadelemental (air, fire, water) • erinyesettercapgargoyleghastghoulgiant (hill, fire, mountain) • goblingolem (adamantine, bone, flesh, iron, stone) • gray rendergrighell houndhelmed horrorhook horrorimpintellect devourerinvisible stalkerlantern archonlichlionlizardfolkmedusamephit (air, dust, earth, fire, ice, magma, ooze, salt, steam, water) • minogonminotaurmohrgmummynymphogreogre mageOld Oneorcoxpantherpixiequasitrevenantshadowshadow fiendshield guardianskeletal devourerskeletonslaad (death, gray, green, red) • specterspider (dire, giant, sword) • succubustiger (dire) • trollumber hulkvampirevrockwerecatwereratwerewolfwightwill-o'-wispwolf (dire, winter) • worgwraithyuan-tizombie (tyrantfog)
Referenced only
baelnornbasiliskcatdeep gnomedrowduergarfire drakeformianfoxhagkenderkoboldmedusapigpigeonponyrabbitsnailtreant


Buildings & Sites
Castle NeverCloaktowerFort IlkardHall of JusticeHelm's HoldHost Tower of the ArcaneLayenne's TombNeverwinter AcademyNeverwinter PrisonNeverwinter ZooPort Llast MineSewers of LuskanTemple of Tyr (Luskan)Temple of Tyr (Port Llast)Warrens of the Damned
Inns & Taverns
Alliance Arms InnBoard Laid BareCutlassThe Empty KegGolden AppleGreen Griffon InnMoonstone MaskShining SerpentSiril's BakeryThe Seedy TavernTrade of BladesWink and Tickle
Battlehammer SmithyColmarr's Fantabulous Contraptions and Magical ErrataCracked AnvilLuskan Mercantile and Fine GoodsMizzenmast MercantileShining Knight Arms and ArmorThomas Wheelwright Wagon RepairTwenty in a Quiver
Beggar's NestBlacklake DistrictDocks DistrictPensinsula District
High Road
Castle JharegCharwoodGur-AtolIllusk
Beorunna's WellCharwoodLuskanNeverwinterPort Llast
Cold WoodMoonwoodNeverwinter WoodSpine of the World
Sword Coast North
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AbyssAmnAnaurochAthkatlaBaldur's GateBeregostCalimportCalimshanChultCity of BrassConyberryCulverCorellon's GroveDalelandsDarksteel TowerElemental Plane of AirElemental Plane of FireEvereskaEvermeetGoldenGulthmere ForestHigh MoorImaskarKai ChenKara-TurLantanLeuthilsparLimboLlorkhMazticaMirabarMithral HallMoonshae IslesMulhorandMurannMyth DrannorNetherilNew MardaleNine HellsOld EmpiresPhalormSpine of the WorldSundabarSilverymoonTemple of the Full MoonThunder MountainThundertreeTurmishUnderdarkUntherVaasaWaterdeep


Astral BladeAxe of the Coming StormBlack Raven AxeBlacksoul sickleBlade of the GladiatorBlessing of the DaystarBloodstone double axeBone PhoenixBriarspikebullet of screamingcharming slingcrossbow of the High Forestcrossbow of the unicornCutting Stardagger of chaosDeepstone ProgenyDivine FuryEaglebowElven Court bowEnserric the Longwordfire axeFist of the LegionForge Firegladiator's clubGruumsh HandHammer of JusticeHeartwood spearHeirs of OsirisHideo's kamaImaskari kamaKaga-ToKrotan's SkullcrusherLadymist Talonmace of disruptionMany TalonsMaster Li's WayMercykiller bladeNameless LightNature's scytheNeverwinter kukriPeasant Dynastyrapier of the High RoadRe's RedemptionRipper (bow)The Sandstormscimitar of speedShining Light of LathanderSilvermane's axesling of Arvoreensling of forceSquire's Defensestaff of ascensionstaff of commandstaff of curingstaff of defensestaff of powerstaff of the holystaff of the magistaff of Valmaxianstar of Ojy-doSunlight slingThe Great OakTempertuppin's Ever-ThrowerThunderbeast axeVermin's Bane
armor of comfortarmor of commandarmor of fleetnessarmor of freedomarmor of Horus-Rearmor of loyaltyarmor of the Starsarmor of the Wolfarmor of thornsAslyferund elven chainDarksteel Tower shielddelver's armordragon shieldelven ceremonial armorEnkidu's Armor gloves of the Minstrelgnomish magnetic armorgolden circletGreenleafHastsezini's shieldhearth shieldKumakawaImaskari Shieldmage's battle robemask of persuasionmaster adventurer's robemirror shieldMirrored ArmorProtector (shield)robe of lightrobes of the Dark Maidenrobes of the Dark Moonrobes of the Old Orderrobes of the Shining HandRogue Linksshadow legion armorshield of Darksteel Towershield of dawnShield of the Dragonslayershield of the holyshield of the Watchshield of the Wisp Hunterstorm armor (City of Brass)Watchman's helm
cloak of elvenkindcloak of fortificationcloak of movementcloak of protectioncloak of protection versus chaoscloak of protection versus evilcloak of protection versus goodcloak of protection versus lawCloak of the High Forestnymph cloakvestments of faith
Gloves & Bracers
bracers of armorbracers of dexteritygauntlets of ogre powergloves of animal handlinggloves of concentrationgloves of disciplinegloves of the Hin Fistgloves of the roguegloves of spellcraftgloves of the Long Deathgloves of swordplayGloves of the Yellow Rosewondrous gloves
archer's beltbelt of agilitybelt of guiding lightbelt of inertial barrierceremonial Uthgardt beltgirdle of holy mightsash of shimmeringswordsman's belt
boots of hardinessboots of reflexesboots of speedboots of stridingboots of the Sun Souldragon slippersgargoyle boots
amulet of natural armoramulet of resistanceAmulet of the Agesamulet of the masteramulet of willglittering necklacenecklace of prayer beadsperiapt of healthperiapt of wisdomscarab of protectiontalisman of pure eviltalisman of pure good
ring of clear thoughtring of crimsonring of cyanring of elemental resistancering of fortitudering of holinessring of insightring of jadering of magic defencesring of powerring of protectionring of resistancering of the roguering of scholarsRing of the Wood Elves
oil of speedpotion of aidpotion of barkskinpotion of blesspotion of cat's gracepotion of claritypotion of endurancepotion of fox's cunningpotion of healpotion of healingpotion of lorepotion of restoration
acid fogaidanimate deadaura of vitalityaura versus alignmentawakenbarkskinbestow curseblade barrierblessblindness or deafnessbull's strengthburning handscall lightningcat's gracechain lightningcharm monstercharm personcharm person or animalcircle of deathcircle of doomclaritycloudkillcolor spraycone of coldconfusioncontagioncontrol undeadcreate greater undeadcreate undeadcreeping doomcure critical woundscure light woundscure minor woundscure moderate woundscure serious woundsdarknessdazedismissaldeath warddelayed blast fireballdestructiondispel magicdivine powerdominate animaldominate monsterdominate persondoomeagle's splendorelemental swarmenduranceendure elementsenergy bufferenergy drainenervationentangleethereal visageEvard's black tentaclesfearfeeblemindfind trapsfinger of deathfireballfire stormflame arrowflame lashflame strikefox's cunningfreedom of movementgateghostly visageghoul touchglobe of invulnerabilitygreasegreater dispellinggreater planar bindinggreater restorationgreater shadow conjurationgreater spell breachgreater spell mantlegreater stoneskinhammer of the godsharmhastehealhealing circlehold animalhold monsterhold personhorrid wiltingice stormidentifyimplosionimproved invisibilityincendiary cloudinvisibilityinvisibility purgeinvisibility sphereknocklegend lorelesser dispellesser mind blanklesser planar bindinglesser restorationlesser spell breachlesser spell mantlelightlightning boltmage armormagic circle against alignmentmagic missilemass blindness or deafnessmass charmmass hastemass healMelf's acid arrowmeteor swarmmind blankmind fogminor globe of invulnerabilityMordenkainen's disjunctionMordenkainen's swordnature's balancenegative energy burstnegative energy protectionnegative energy rayneutralize poisonowl's wisdomphantasmal killerplanar bindingpoisonpolymorph selfpower word, killpower word, stunprayerpremonitionprismatic sprayprotection from alignmentprotection from elementsprotection from spellsraise deadray of enfeeblementray of frostregenerateremove blindness or deafnessremove curseremove diseaseremove fearremove paralysisresistanceresist elementsrestorationresurrectionsanctuaryshadesshadow shieldscaresearing lightsee invisibilityshadow conjurationshapechangesilenceslay livingsleepslowsound burstspell mantlespell resistancestinking cloudstoneskinstorm of vengeancesummon creature Isummon creature IIsummon creature IIIsummon creature IVsummon creature Vsummon creature VIsummon creature VIIsummon creature VIIIsummon creature IXsunbeamTenser's transformationtime stoptrue seeingultravisionvampiric touchvirtuewail of the bansheewall of firewar crywebweirdword of faith
Dragon's Tailarrow of the vampireFarel's goldice bulletlightning arrow (item)Shining Light
rod of beguilingrod of frostrod of reversalrod of resurrectionrod of terrorrod of the ghostwand of arcane disjunctionwand of firewand of missileswand of negative energywand of paralyzationwand of stinking cloudwand of the heavenswand of summoning
Magic items
bag of holdingharp of charmingharp of hauntingharp of PandemoniumInstrument of the Windsmagic bagsaintsblood pearlscabbard of blessing
Word of Power
Referenced only
Hangard's AxemythallarOtiluke's resilient sphereShield of Mirrors


Arcane BrotherhoodBlack KnivesBlack Lion tribeBloodsailorsBloody HandsCalantian OrderChurch of HelmChurch of TyrElk tribeHigh Captains of LuskanLords' AllianceNeverwinter MilitiaOrder of the Many-Starred CloakPeople of the EyeRed Tiger TribeRed Wizards of ThayShip BaramShip KurthSilver Sails Trading CompanySword Coast BoysThe Watch (Shaar)Uthgardt
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Adaron AcesAzakiBedineChurch of MaskChurch of SelûneCity Watch (Waterdeep)Company of Crazed VenturersDark MoonDisciples of St. Sollars the Twice-MartyredFinihan's RaidersHarpersKnights of the ShieldMirialis ClanNethereseNight MasksNorthern FourOld OrderOrder of the Long DeathOrder of the Sun SoulPurple DragonsSentiegansShaaranShadow ThievesShining HandSilver RavensSons of LightSword Coast LegionThunderkind CorpsZhentarim


AurilCyricHelmLathanderMaskSehanine MoonbowSilvanusTalonaTyr
Referenced only
AoBaneBhaalBrandobarisCallarduran SmoothhandsCorellonGarl GlittergoldGruumshHorus-ReIlmaterKelemvorMerrshaulkMielikkiReSavrasSelûneShaundakulSuneTalosTargusTempusVhaeraun


aleCatoblepas Death Cheese WineDark Elven T'KeelaDockside Dunn'sDwarven Red EyeNeverwintan Sailor SpiritOrc Blood BrewScurrdThayvian Fire Juicewine
The Adventures of Grin, Richard, and Wu-WeiThe City of NeverwinterGhost of ConyberryHistory of the Creator RacesThe DoombringersThe Nether Scrolls (book)The Neverwinter Wood (book)The Northern Four Adventuring TroupeThe Rival Orc Tribes & their Great BattlesTreatise on the Spirit of the WoodsUthgar's LegacyThe War of Light and DarknessWars of the Creator RacesWaterdeep (book)Wind by the Fireside
bonerotWailing Death
leaven bread
alexandriteamethystaventurinefire agatefire opalfluorspargarnetgreenstonemalachitephenaloperubysapphireStar of Calimshanstar sapphiretopaz
Metals & Alloys
belladonnafenberryironwoodprism blossom
Referenced only
Blood WarNether ScrollsOrcgate Warsrot weedShieldmeetStory of LittlemanTime of Troublesturnip



  • Several of the in-game portraits were modified in patches due to parts of them being copied from copyrighted sources that the owners of which did not properly approve of.
  • The Red Cross symbol was removed from the Healer's Kit due to trademark conflicts from Canadian Red Cross.
  • The BioWare and Baldur's Gate logos are visible on certain books in some bookshelves.
  • On the belts of hill giants the word "Texas" can be read.
  • Neverwinter Nights was first to be called by Interplay "Neverwinter Nights 2"[1]


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