Neverwinter Nights: Wyvern Crown of Cormyr is a premium module for the computer game Neverwinter Nights. It occurs in Cormyr. It features fully ridable horses, flowing cloaks, tabards and long coats, a new prestige class, the Purple Dragon Knight, and extensive new art, creatures, and tilesets.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The story started as the player character, the former adventurer, returned to his family in Cormyr after hearing news of a recent war. The hero worked with his family members and friends on their farm in the Hullack forest. One day, while working in the forest aside from the farm, the hero, his brother Jonas and their friend Godfrey Cormas noticed the smoke above the trees. They rushed back but found the farm destroyed, with everybody killed, including Jonas' wife, Lena, and their father, Patrick. Few corpses of the attackers were found on the ground: hobgoblins.

The hero, Jonas, and Godfrey decided to find Sir Gilbert Hawklin and become his squires in order to avenge the massacre. They journeyed to the nearby town of Morfen, where they meet Valetto, Sir Hawklin's trading partner, and the owner of the farmlands. He directed them to Thunderstone, where Sir Hawklin, along with his family and many other royal families lived.

In Thunderstone, the hero managed to become Sir Hawklin's squire after winning in a jousting tournament. Sir Hawklin was willing to stop the raids on the farms that had become too often. He asked the hero to meet Manthis of the Forest Folk, the leader of the creatures living in the Hullack forest. Hero met Manthis the satyr, who revealed that the raiders were actually seeking ancient burrows.

The hero and his two companions ended up fighting with raiders in one such burrow. There, Jonas found a mysterious ring. The ghostly figure appeared, claiming that if Jonas were to wear the ring he would have had a chance to avenge his wife. Jonas agreed, but the whole event was revealed to be a trap by the unknown villain. Jones became possessed, killed Godfrey Cormas, and ran away.

The hero became a knight and soon, set out to storm the raiders' lair, Polter's Fort. After fighting his way through hobgoblins, ogres, undead, and even vampires, he met a strange masked person claiming to be a Witch Lord, an ancient lich. After defeating him, the Witch Lord revealed that he was not truly evil and that he was only a servant of the true mastermind, the Wyvernvapor, a mist dragon. The main motive of the dragon was to find the legendary Wyvern Crown.

After venturing to the dragon's lair, a mythical castle located on the Wyvernwater lake, the hero successfully sabotaged the powerful artifact, Mythallar, that held the castle above water, and killed pirates who resided here and plagued the lake. The hero dealt with Valetto, who was revealed to be the servant of the dragon and the one responsible for piracy. After sinking the castle, the hero met Wyvernvapor himself, who revealed that the hero was fooled by the Witch Lord, who was immortal. Both dragon and lich competed for the Wyvern Crown, and with dragon rendered powerless, the lich was likely to claim it.

After participating in a jousting tournament where Jonas, under the guise of Black Knight, tried to kill the hero with poison, Caladnei, official high mage of Cormyr arrived to help with the case of Witch Lord. Jonas was now under the Witch Lord's power. The final battle for the Wyvern Crown's burrow was about to begin. There, hero, with the help of Caladnei, Purple Knights, and Hawklin soldiers, crushed the Witch Lord army. After venturing in the burrow and destroying the golem guardians, the hero was finally able to reach the Crown. Jonas was abandoned by the Witch Lord and his fate was decided by the hero.

With the Wyvern Crown in his possession, the only thing left for the hero was to battle the Witch Lord, Szass Morg, and claim the Crown for Cormyr for himself.

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Characters[edit | edit source]

Adris ColebriarAlice BroadhandBaradin HawklinBardas FremBrondarDalan CormasDracoEladora PalmerGilbert HawklinGodfroy CormasJonasLacinda CormaerilLenaLondro HardheimManderMagurkMaria CormasMiaPatrickValetto StoutboldWangle Towerstruck
Referenced only
Alusair ObarskyrArianne FitzCormaerilAzar TruesilverAzoun IVBeldinFaril LaheralsonGiogioni WyvernspurNalavarauthatorylTanalasta ObarskyrThiodor Hurim

Creatures[edit | edit source]

chickencobra (black Cormyriancowcurstdwarfdoggiant ratgoblingolemhobgoblinhorselichmist dragonogreoxratsatyrvampirewolf
Referenced only

Locations[edit | edit source]

Bodies of Water
One-Armed Magurk'sThe Furniture's FateThe Sign of ThunderWangle's Livery
CormyrHultailMorfenPolter's FortThunderstone
Hullack Forest
Referenced only
Dragon LakeKing's ForestSembiaSuzailThunderstone Peaks

Organizations[edit | edit source]

Church of Lathander
Six Coffers Trading CosterPurple DragonsWar Wizards

Religion[edit | edit source]


Magic[edit | edit source]

Beldin's belt
potion of healingpotion of invisibilitypotion of lore
rod of ice
glittering necklaceLife Protectorperiapt of wisdomprayer amuletring of protection
wand of light
bag of holdingmagic pouchhorn of goodness/evil

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Food & Drinks
belladonnaelmHultail spirits
antidotedyevenom (centipede, giant bee)
cavalry hornhealer's kitholy trapropespike trapthieves' toolstinderboxtorchwagon
battleaxebow (and arrows) • chainmailclubcrossbow (and bolts) • daggerdartflailgreataxekatanalight hammerlongswordmorningstarquarterstaffshieldshortbowshortswordsling (and bullets) • spearthrowing axe

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  1. This is stated in the in-game journal.

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