Neverwinter Nights was an epic poem written by Pomplo the Elder.[1][note 1]


The poem was often performed in an entertainment hall in the colony of Farr Windward. Neverwinter Nights was acted out as a play, where three men would stand against each side of a square chamber, and recite the epic work of literature. They would do this whilst balancing bowls of kumquats on their heads.[1]



Video games


  1. This was the first usage of the term Neverwinter Nights within lore terms. Treasures of the Savage Frontier and the original Neverwinter Nights were developed at a similar time by the same developers, so the poem that appeared in the former game was most likely a reference to the latter. The latter game revolves around the Knights of Neverwinter (the player characters in the MMO), i.e., the Neverwinter Knights. Hence, the name Neverwinter Nights is probably a witty equivoque of Neverwinter Knights.


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