Neverwinter Wood was located in the North, and possessed a sense of magic within it.[1]


Coming from Mount Hotenow, the Neverwinter River flowed through the woods of Neverwinter.[2]


The Neverwinter Wood had a circle of druids, the Ring of Swords, who worked to drive out hobgoblins, gnolls, and bugbears from the woods, as well as protect its ancient sites from treasure seekers.[1]


The elves originally called Neverwinter Wood the Llewyrrwood and the forest came to be a colony for Illefarn. When Aryvandaar annexed both Illefarn and the Llewyrrwood in -9900 DR[3], many of the residents fled to Shantel Othreier. Some stayed for a century, living under the yoke of the Vyshantaar until the queen of the Llewyrr, Synnoria, led a large force of her people out of their lands and across the Trackless Sea to the Moonshae Isles where they established the kingdom of Synnoria in her honour.[4]

The Llewyrrwood was occupied once more when the realm of Illefarn was reformed. Circa -1100 DR, the last Coronal of Illefarn, Syglaeth Audark, decided to take his people to Evermeet.[5] Again, some chose to remain in the Llewyrrwood, and formed the realm of Iliyanbruen which persisted until 177 DR when the last of its moon elves travel to Evermeet or Ardeep.[6]

As of 1374 DR, elves still lived in the wood, though they made up one of the largest cells of the Eldreth Veluuthra, with other smaller cells operating in the surrounding area.[7]

After the Spellplague, Neverwinter Wood experienced a mass migration of fey from the plane of Faerie. Elves were also drawn here in large numbers and they attempted to re-found Iliyanbruen within the forest's borders. Though they had to defeat a force of dark fey to reclaim their ancestral home, they quickly went about establishing the military outpost of New Sharandar around a portal to Faerie[8].

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