Nhalloth was a floating Netherese enclave above the Sea of Fallen Stars in Faerûn.[1] As a direct result of Karsus's Folly in −339 DR, Nhalloth fell into the sea and was destroyed.[3] Rediscovered in 1305 DR, it became the subject of many expeditions and widespread attempts at looting.[2] Following the Spellplague, Nhalloth rose to the surface once more as sea levels dropped sharply.[4]


The ruins of Nhalloth were located in the Mountains of Volar in the Sea of Fallen Stars,[2] roughly 19 miles northwest of Thonn's Fist in the Archipelago of Altumbel.[1]


Nhalloth is a wonder to behold, even for this easily underwhelmed sage.
— Elminster Aumar[2]

Nhalloth was notable for its breathtaking architecture, a shining example of the Netherese Age of Discovery style, with towers reaching over 60 feet into the air. Even centuries after the enclave's fall into the sea, most of the buildings remained intact,[2] albeit barnacle-covered and corroded.[4] The shattered base rock of Nhalloth gave birth to a tall reef of claw coral, which could also be found in large quantities scattered around the ruins.[2]

The enclave's buildings remained structurally sound even after it resurfaced, with tales of Nhalloth's rich architecture drawing many adventurers to search through its still-submerged lower sections.[4]


Nhalloth was established in −1227 DR, and fell into the sea in −339 DR[2] after Karsus briefly caused all magic to cease functioning.[5]

As the centuries passed, several oceanic races made the ruins of Nhalloth their home, although never for long. Most races preferred to avoid the site altogether, citing an "odd feeling" and reports of ghosts. The last oceanic inhabitants of Nhalloth were a tribe of scrags, who were eventually killed by merrow tribes.[2]

When the submerged enclave was rediscovered by surface-dwellers in 1305 DR, they found it mostly empty of lost lore and magical artifacts. It was suspected that over the centuries, inhabitants of the nearby morkoth country of Olleth had plundered the city of its greatest secrets.[2] Many adventurers and looters visited the underwater ruins,[1] and the Simbul sponsored several expeditions to the area. However, little was recovered save an increased understanding and appreciation of Netherese architecture.[2]

When the Spellplague ravaged Toril in 1385 DR,[6] the sea level of the Sea of Fallen Stars dropped sharply as it was partially drained into the Underdark.[7] As a result of this, Nhalloth found itself on the surface once more, with only the lower levels still partially underwater. Although the enclave was by all accounts stripped of all valuables, agents of the Shadovar were observed digging through Nhalloth's remains.[4]




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