The Night Mask Deathbringer is a special prestige class of the Night Masks in Faerûn. The Night Mask Deathbringers serve the leadership of the Night Masks as their most elite assassins and lieutenants, feared by the natives of Westgate, and hungry for power in their own right.[1]

The vampiric leadership of the Night Masks created the Deathbringers as unique intermediaries between themselves and those outside of the guild. Using the inherent strength in their blood, The Faceless and his Night Masters chose elite members of the Night Masks to become bizarre hybrids, neither fully mortal nor truly undead. These creatures are the Deathbringers and learn to harness their new powers to aid their own quests for power and to increase the might of the Night Masks as a whole.[1]

Abilities Edit

Creature of Darkness
A Night Mask Deathbringer exudes an aura of death that makes all animals except for bats, wolves, and rats very uncomfortable to be around.[1]
Hesitating Stare
A Night Mask Deathbringer who meets the eyes of another can cause doubt and fear concerning mortality in his foes.[2]
Spider Climb
A Night Mask Deathbringer can use the power of his partially undead body to crawl along walls and ceilings.[3]
Blood Bond
A Night Mask Deathbringer can cause another person to become charmed and under his command by feeding his target three drops of his blood. This charm becomes more powerful as the Deathbringer becomes stronger.[3]

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