The Night of Pirates was an event that took place in the Dock Ward of Waterdeep late in the month of Uktar in the Year of the Shield, 1367 DR.

A pirate-lord hailing from the Nelanther Isles, Elro Starankh, led ninety-six crewmen from three ships into the Heartflame festhall on Snail Street. He proceeded to offer the proprietress, famed madam Nauloene Tharantra, a commission of twenty dragons for each girl who agreed to marry one of the seadogs. Each bride was to receive ten thousand dragons as a dowry in reverse. Only two of the ladies of the evening turned down the offer and a wild celebration with drinking and dancing ensued.

At some point in the revels, Starankh set fire to the festhall and it burned beyond the point of salvation. The relatively fancy Arrowsar Apartments were eventually built on the site of the former festhall.[1]


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