Nightshadow, also called Night Shadow,[1] was the +4 longsword of quickness owned by Vhaeraun, the drow deity of thievery.[2]


Nightshadow was black like jet, one of the holy stones of Vhaeraun, and looked as though made from shadows. It also gleamed.[3] It turned invisible in darkness.[2]

The Masked Lord had the ability to change his size and the longsword to fit his size.[3]


As mentioned above, Nightshadow had the ability to turn invisible in darkness. Vhaeraun could gain additional uses of bladebend while holding it.[2]


How Vhaeraun came to own Nightshadow was unknown. The sword was used during his assault on Lolth in her state of hibernation during the Silence of Lolth,[3] when he managed to grievously wound her.[4]

The sword was also used in his assassination attempt against Eilistraee.[5]



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