The Nightstar was the selu'kiira of Saelethil Dlardrageth in which the old secrets of Aryvandaar were recorded.[1]


The Nightstar was a dagger-shaped deep purple crystal about 3 in (0.08 m) in length with pale glyphs.[2] It contained more than seventy spells.[3]


After the destruction of House Dlardrageth by the Coronal of Arcorar, Ithraides discovered the selu'kiira and concealed it, but created three telkiira that would lead to its location.[1] Any wielder of the Nightstar selu'kiira not of House Dlardrageth would be possessed into carrying it to a member of the house.[4] Araevin Teshurr recovered the Nightstar from the vault of Ithraides beneath a white tower in the Elven Court area of the forest of Cormanthor.[5]


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