Nightstone was a fortified settlement located near the Ardeep Forest, in the hills between Waterdeep and Daggerford. It was connected to the High Road via a side trail.[1]


Nightstone was located a few miles south of the Ardeep Forest.[1] It was built on the Ardeep River and consisted of a fenced island connected to an artificial motte that held the village's keep. Its name derived from a mysterious obsidian obelisk in the center of the village that had strange glyphs carved into it and emanated a magic aura.[2]


Over the years, the villagers of Nightstone had bad relationships with the wood elves who inhabited the Ardeep Forest.[1] Sometime after the War of the Silver Marches, the village was bombarded by a cloud giant floating castle which killed many inhabitants and forced the survivors to escape into nearby caves outside the village.[2]



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