Situated where the Fire River flows into the Sea of Fallen Stars, Ravens Bluff is a bustling port and trade center. Residents and frequent visitors to Ravens Bluff often boast that the city is the brightest spot on the Dragon Reach, but even the proudest citizen thinks twice about taking to the streets when the Veil, a thick, cold fog, rolls in. The veil turns the city's vigorous docks into a gloomy den where only the brave, the stubborn, or the foolish go abroard. When the veil drops, neophyte adventurers join the Nightwatch, a special police force that sees to it that the fearless citizens who prowl through the Veil restrict themselves to licit business. A successful tour in the Nightwatch means wealth and recognition (those who fail quietly join the uncounted dead). An introductory adventure for levels 1-3.


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