Nimergan was a fungus that grew in the Underdark.[1]


Nimergan grew in irregular patches 8‒12 ft (2.4‒3.7 m) in diameter and only 1‒3 in (2.5‒7.6 cm) tall. It resembled a beige, frayed umbrella with dark brown bumps on the stem.[1]


Mature nimergan was sealed into a cask to die. The brown bumps were actually a parasitic fungus that fed upon the stem and fermented into a potent alcohol that could be consumed. Nimergan that was allowed to ferment too long could actually form an alcohol so potent that it could kill.[1]

Duergar were especially fond of the drink, which was also known as nimergan. They were known to challenge outsiders to a drinking contest of the more potent version of the alcohol. Being more resistant to its effects, the duergar, more often than not, watched as their opponent went into a coma and sometimes died from over-indulgence.[1]

Nimergan was sold for 1 electrum piece per glass, or 10 gold pieces per glass for the rarer, but more potent, version.



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