Nindil Jalbuck, a deceased lightfoot halfling and Masked Lord of Waterdeep, was killed and replaced by a doppelganger in 1372.

Nindil was originally from Secomber but went to Waterdeep in search of fortune. Initially Nindil worked as thief but later became a spy and information broker. However, Nindil changed his life by opening the Garrulous Grocer, and so provided food out of his pocket to the many who were left homeless and destitute by the ravaging devils of Myrkul in 1358. Nearly a decade later, Nindil was selected to be a Lord. He spoke for the common folk of Waterdeep.

In late 1371, Nindil was killed and subsumed by Hlaavin, the greater doppelganger who led the Unseen. Mather Ukkhemn of the Knights of the Shield betrayed Nindil's identity for a healthy bribe. Hlaavin was content to continue Nindil's guise, doing nothing untoward to reveal his deception.[1]


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