Nindil Jalbuck was a lightfoot halfling grocer who served as one of th Masked Lords of Waterdeep during the mid–14th century DR.[1]


He had black hair that was cut in an unmistakable style. He wore clothes befitting those of his profession but had the unique adornment of a nose ring.[1]

When traveling beyond Waterdeep he wore a suit of chainmail armor that bore the symbol of the Chauntean temple-farm of Goldenfields.[1]


Nindil was originally from Secomber but went to Waterdeep in search of fortune. While he initially earned his keep by working as a thief, he soon inserted himself into the city's information network as a broker.[1]

After some time in the Waterdhavian underworld, up until about the Year of Shadows, 1358 DR, Nindil turned his life around and opened the Garrulous Grocer. When the devils of Myrkul ravaged the city that year, leaving many Waterdhavians penniless and without home, Nindil took action. He offered free food to his fellow citizens, garnering much good will and esteem.[1]

Sometime during the late 1360s Nindil was selected to be one of the Masked Lords. His presence on the council represented the common folk of the city.[1]

Unfortunately, Nindil's identity was compromised in the Year of the Unstrung Harp, 1371 DR by Mather Ukkhemn one of the nefarious Knights of the Shield. That same year Nindil was killed by the greater doppelganger known as Hlaavin, the leader of the organization known as the Unseen. The malevolent creature took over his identity and maintained "Nindil's" presence within Waterdeep's council.[1]


Lord Nindil was one of the select individuals who was familiar with Durnan's involvement with the vigilante group known as the Red Sashes.[2]



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