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Nindrol was an undersea kingdom of sea elves that occupied the waters around the island of Toaridge-at-the-Sun's-Setting in the Sea of Swords circa the Year of the Tankard, 1370 DR.[1]


Toaridge-at-the-Sun's-Setting was about 275 to 300 miles (440 to 485 kilometers) west-southwest of Candlekeep and was either one of the major islands in the Nelanther chain or was approximately 60 to 75 miles (95 to 120 kilometers) north-northeast of the nearest major island in that group, depending on which map was consulted.[2][3]

Geographical Features[]

The kingdom contained forests, labyrinths, and warrens of coral. Some "stacks" rivaled the tallest towers and turrets of any castle on the mainland.[1]


Nindrol was ruled by a monarch. After King Elpaerae died, his wife, Queen Vaervenshalice held the throne as of 1370 DR. She and Elpaerae had six daughters, known collectively as the Princesses Paeraeroyal (in honor of their father).[1]

Map showing Toaridge as part of the Nelanthers

Life & Society[]

The Nindrollen were relatively carefree and enjoyed teasing any merchant vessels or pirate ships that sailed over their territory. They were known to rescue shipwreck victims by dragging them to shore, along with any small boats, skiffs, or dinghies that were capsized or sunk.[1]

The Princesses Paeraeroyal had means to survive out of water for short periods of time and occasionally came on land when they grew bored with undersea life. The ballads She Walked Out on the Waves and My Lady of the Moonlight were testaments to their exploits posing as travelers on the coastal roads of the Western Heartlands.[1]

At some point before 1370 DR, a small group of Nindrollen families broke ties with Nindrol and formed their own realm of Ondroth in the caves along the undersea slopes of the Tethyr Peninsula (more commonly known as the Dragon's Head or Dragon's Neck Peninsula).[1]

Rumors & Legends[]

Around 1370 DR, the notorious moon elf Elaith Craulnober of Waterdeep was rumored to be looking (that is, sending out his agents and lackeys) for one of the Princesses just south of the City of Splendors. It was believed that one of them caught his attention and then disappeared into the sea.[1]

According to the ballads, one of the Princesses Paeraeroyal went by or answered to the name Nanalethalee.[1]


The aquatic elves of Nindrol typically had green skin and blue hair.[1]



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