The Nine Swords Company was an adventuring company that operated in the early days of the Vast, in the 6th century DR, and was reformed in the 1370s DR. It consisted entirely of practitioners of the Sublime Way.


The company was formed by Thallastam of Procampur, after he returned from study in Kara-Tur. They adventured through the Vast, performing good deeds and slaying dangerous monsters.

When they eventually disbanded, Thallastam concealed his companions' nine swords in Swords Pool using a spell he'd cast,[1] to protect and preserve them. His spell at Swords Pool outlived him and his companions, and still preserved their nine swords by 1370 DR.[2]

In the mid-1370s DR, several young blade magicians of the Vast re-founded the Nine Swords Company, using the Inn of the Nine Swords at Swords Pool.[1]


The first Nine Swords Company consisted of ten blade magicians: four crusaders; five warblades; and Thallastam himself, a swordsage. The nine each wielded a magic sword, while Thallastam preferred to fight unarmed.[1]



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