Nisar Zayid was a Chultan barbarian and sorcerer and a crew-member of the Midnight Rose ship.[1]


Nisar had a dark skin and a clean shaven head. His face was covered in blue and yellow tattoos. He carried a battleaxe with him.[1]


Nisar was born to a chieftain who lived in the jungles of Chult. His father sold him to river raiders, who in turn sold him to a pirate to act as a surgeon's whelp. Over time, he earned his freedom and did some honest work in the Nelanther Isles before joining captain Allendry's crew on the Midnight Rose.[1]

Around 1372 DR, when the priestess of Umberlee Tasina Alcrest took control of the ship by summoning an army of sahuagin that slaughtered most of the crew, including Captain Allendry, Nisar managed to escape. He found refuge at Spindrift Town, a pirate port on a small island that was part of the Nelanther Isles. There, he was possibly recruited by the new captain of the Midnight Rose, an adventurer tasked by Allendry's ghost to have vengeance upon Tasina.[1]




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