Nisroch, called The Eagle, was an exiled archdevil living in Avernus in the Nine Hells.[1][2]


Nisroch resembled an 11‑foot-tall (3.4‑meter) humanoid with an eagle-like head. He had black feathers on his head and chest, yellow eyes, dusty-black skin, and bat-like wings. He also had a pair of up-swept spines on his elbows. Unlike many devils, he lacked claws.[1]


Nisroch was always polite, but cruel and mocking, and darkly humorous. He enjoyed poisoning food. He vastly preferred subtlety and subterfuge to direct confrontation, and would try to slay any creature that defied him. Nisroch had an eagle's eyes and preferred to observe rather than speak.[1]


As an archdevil, Nisroch naturally possessed a number of magical powers. He was also a master at the crafting and use of poisons.[1]

In combat, when he could not avoid it, Nisroch would use his beak, the talons on his feet,[note 1] and magic; he would not use weapons unless absolutely necessary. His elbow-spines were dangerous, but could only be used against creatures that were behind him or in very close (wrestling or grappled) combat.[1]


Nisroch spent his time roaming Avernus, making various poisons from the ingredients he could scavenge there and then poisoning corpses and other food sources to surprise the inhabitants of that place.[1]


Nisroch was once the poisoner of the Nine Hells, and his favored pastime was poisoning not corpses, but lavish feasts. However, he was banished after he destroyed the duke Senciner and came close to destroying the duke Abigor.[1]



  1. The source says that Nisroch has talons, but no talons on his hands, but also that he uses his talons in combat. It is therefore assumed that he has talons on his feet. In reality, talons are bird claws, supporting this idea.


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