Noble dao ruled the genies living on the Elemental Plane of Earth. They used earth elementals, dao, xorn, and other slaves to mine precious gems, which they craved.[1]


These noble genies were bald and squat. Both sexes enjoyed wearing earrings, large necklaces, and turbans. Males often sculpted their beards and mustaches into ridiculous fashions. Their hands possessed retractable elongated fingernails made from pure metal capable of shredding flesh and armor alike.[1]


Noble dao only entered into combat when they were certain of the results through careful planning and strategy.[1]

A wide array of magical abilities was available for attack and defense for noble dao.[1]

They were immune to all earth magic and maze spells. They were particularly susceptible to holy water.[1]


Noble dao ruled the rifts of the Great Dismal Delve on the Elemental Plane of Earth, though some spent most of their time at the side of the Great Khan of the Dao in the Sevenfold Mazework.[1]


Some noble dao enjoyed destroying the property of others purely for the sake of it, though most noble dao would rather buy or steal the property of others.[1]




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