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Noble djinn ruled the genies living on the Elemental Plane of Air.[2]

Before I go, you're entitled to a single wish. You probably already know the score by now: word it properly or it will backfire, etc. Truth be told, I can't be bothered to get creative, so do us both a favor and wish for something reasonable, yes?
— A noble djinn from Melvaunt[4]


Noble djinn were taller and more fair than regular djinn,[2] who had darker complexions.[1] They were as strong as common efreet.[1]


Noble djinn had an extensive array of magical abilities.[2] Like all djinn, these creatures could use a special whirlwind power to either attack or transport other beings.[2][1] They could create food, beverages, and other items out of thin air, as well as form powerful illusions.[1]

Like other djinn, noble djinn could turn invisible at will or take gaseous form. Like all true genies, they could plane shift.[1]

The true power of noble djinn, which made them distinct from lesser djinn, was their ability to grant wishes.[1]


All air-based attacks were utterly useless against noble djinn.[2]


Only one percent of djinn were noble.[1] Most noble djinn were local rulers of landholders who commanded djinn. Another group of noble djinn spent their time at the court of the Great Caliph of the Djinn on the Elemental Plane of Air.[2]

Served by regular djinn, noble djinn did not require much from other creatures. Rivalries with other genies prompted them to acquire wealth in many forms.[2]

The noble djinn would cooperate with any creature seeking to harm the efreet. Noble djinn worked with other inhabitants of the Elemental Plane of Air as opposed to enslaving them.[2]

Notable Noble Djinn[]



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