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Noble efreet were the warlords of the efreet though they still reported to the Sultan of the City of Brass. These creatures plotted against one another with cunning similar to creatures found on the lower planes. They would try to corrupt any sha'ir who summoned them.[1]


Noble efreet were even more massive than regular efreet. Their skin was colored like basalt and their eyes were flame. Males preferred clothing that showed off their massive muscled bodies.[1]


Noble efreet were terrifying warriors, skilled in both magical and physical attacks. They led their troops from the front line where the fighting was thickest.[1] Noble efreet had a wide array of magical powers that could be activated at any time.[1]


Two groups of noble efreet existed – those native to the City of Brass, and those commanding the efreet on the Prime Material Plane. Those serving on the Prime Material Plane were servants of one of the six great pasha's who ruled in the sultan’s name.[1]


Noble efreet viewed all living creatures as servants or enemies. Because of this, many other creatures native to the Elemental Plane of Fire would gladly assist anyone attempting to harm or embarrass a noble efreet.[1]



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