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Two noble eladrin and a "common" eladrin. From left to right, a noble eladrin with the title of "ghaele of winter", a "common" eladrin knight, and a noble with the title of "bralani of autumn winds".

"Noble eladrin" was a term used, specifically between the Spellplague and the Second Sundering, to refer to a subcategory of eladrin of particularly powerful magic or nobility. The phrase did not have a precise meaning and included a wide variety of races and individuals.[1]

Some noble eladrin were high elves living in the Feywild who had become so infused with the power of that place as to become entirely new creatures, taking on aspects of the seasons and other natural phenomena.[2]


Celestial Eladrin

A ghaele and a bralani, examples of celestial eladrin.

Celestial eladrin 
These were eladrin living in Arvandor and the Gates of the Moon.[1][3]
Fey eladrin 
Elves who made the Feywild their homes, so heavily modified by its magic that they acquired supernatural abilities not found in other elves, effectively becoming fey capable of changing their appearance with the seasons.[2][4]
Thought to be the eladrin creator race,[5] these albino fey were also among the noble eladrin.[6]
Not technically a race, these were individual fey of comparative strength to demon princes or archdevils. Archfey who were eladrin were considered noble eladrin.[1]

Noble Eladrin TitlesEdit

Nobility among eladrin was not a matter of inheritance but rather fame and mystical power.[7] In some eladrin lands, specific titles, such as "coure", "bralani", and "ghaele", were given to eladrin of great power over particular spheres,[7] such as "autumn winds",[8] or "winter".[2][9] The title of "shiere knight" was given to noble eladrin who dedicated themselves to defending the Feywild from its foes.[10] Other eladrin—often shiere knights—specifically guarded Tiandra, the Summer Queen, and were known as "shiradi champions".[11] These titles should not be confused with the celestial races of coure, ghaele, bralani, shiere, or shiradi, although the names, no doubt, were related.

Notable IndividualsEdit

Rebirth of sarifal - Ryan Barger

High Lady Ordalf announces the rebirth of the noble eladrin kingdom of Sarifal.


In the Year of Risen Elfkin, 1375 DR, High Lady Ordalf moved the entire fey city of Karador through a portal from the Feywild to Lake Myrloch on the island of Gwynneth. She took over the island from House Kendrick and established herself as ruler of the kingdom of Sarifal, banning all humans from the island. The island became a home for some 50,000 fey beings, many of whom were noble eladrin.[5][6]


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