Node door was a conjuration spell that was only possible to cast by those who were specifically trained in node magic.[1]


On casting node door, the caster and touched objects and creatures were teleported from one node to another one chosen by the caster of the same type. The choosing process was done by the caster either by visualizing or describing the node's area that served as the destiantion. It was formerly believed to be only useful on earth nodes,[1] but by the 14th century DR, it turned out that it could be used on evil nodes and Shadow Weave nodes.[2]

When the node that served as the destination was modified, the teleported people were teleported in any empty space within the node. The matter was different when the entire node was physically filled or even destroyed. When such a thing happened to the destination, the teleported were sent to the nearest applicable node. When they got shunted this way, they were physically hurt.[1]


Node door required verbal components to be cast. The caster also was required to be trained in node magic.[1]


Node door was one of the spells that were typically granted by a suitably powerful earth node.[3]

People could use this spell to travel from Nuur Throth, a very powerful earth node, which was also called the Great Door, to any of its connected earth nodes.[4]


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