Node genesis was a conjuration spell that created a magical node that could be harvested by means of node magic.[1][2]


On casting node genesis, a node of the caster's choice of 10 feet (3 meters) in diameter as created where the caster touched. The node's strength was initially of the lowest possible level, but every year, the node grew by another 20 feet (6 meters) and with size it also grew in strength. Its ultimate size and strength depended on the skill of the caster. The node had the properties of naturally occurring nodes.[1][2]

A node that was created by this means was under the effect of a node lock spell keyed to the caster.[1][2]


Node genesis required somatic and verbal components to cast. However, the spell also drained a lot of the caster's essence and required an entire tenday to cast. This did not mean that the caster was required to cast the spell for a tenday non-stop; rather, the caster merely had to cast the spell for eight hours every day during the tenday. Furthermore, the spell could only be cast by people who were formally trained in the art of node magic.[1][2]


Node genesis was a spell that was formerly believed to create only earth nodes.[1] Around 1374 DR, it was discovered that any kind of node could be created with it.[2]


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