Nomadic centaurs were more rugged versions of the common sylvan centaur. They could be found roaming the vast steppes and plains of the Hordelands. Compared to common centaurs, they were more introverted, preferring the company of their own kind.[1]


Nomadic centaurs possessed the body of a horse with the torso of a man. The hair covering their horse body was very coarse compared to sylvan centaurs and their humanoid torso was thick. These adaptations served them well to protect against the biting winds of the open steppe.[1]

Adult males favored long beards or mustaches. Both sexes wore their hair long and braided.[1]


Nomadic centaurs used a variety of weaponry including short bows, lances and sabres. From an early age all nomadic centaurs practiced with the short bow until they were masters, capable of firing off accurate shots while running at a full gallop.[1]

Distance attacks were favored by nomadic centaurs since they could use their speed and short bows to their advantage. When surprise was on their side, a nomadic centaur would charge an enemy to intimidate them. Any enemy who fled was ridden down. Foes who appeared strong and organized in the face of such a charge were attacked at a distance with arrows.[1]

Nomadic centaurs rarely used their hooves to attack, viewing this as a tactic only used by the very old or infirm.[1]


These tribal creatures were aloof and proud. A clan of nomadic centaurs had between 10-30 members and a tribe was composed of up to twelve clans. Clans would roam their own territories, but band together to face a common threat.[1]

All of the clans would unite only when a Learned One died or to avenge the destruction of a clan.[1]

Females typically outnumbered males two to one. Females had the same martial prowess as males, but only males went on the hunt.[1]

A life of hardship on the steppes hardened nomadic centaurs to the point where they rarely took prisoners in battle. Their sick and old were cared for, but the best food went to healthy adults who could still defend the clan.[1]

Nomadic centaurs had a wide array of customs, many of which seemed barbaric to outsiders.[1]


Nomadic centaurs maintained wells within their territory, ensuring that no water was wasted. They hunted game, but were careful to move to new hunting grounds before game populations were diminished.[1]

Learned OnesEdit

Learned Ones were honored for their great deeds, often becoming leaders and advisors for the entire race of nomadic centaurs.[1]

Individuals named as Learned Ones no longer identified with a single clan or tribe, but ascended to become an honored guest in every clan and tribe. It was considered a great honor to receive a Learned One.[1]

Most Learned Ones were nomadic centaurs, but there were several instances where members of other races were named as Learned Ones.[1]



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