Nonthal was a city located in Turmish.[1] It was known for its industry based on animals and, more notably, the smell that industry produced, which pervaded the entire city. The city contained an unusually high number of gnomes, many of whom were illusionists. Nonthal was considered the most peaceful city in Turmish and adventurers were not exactly welcomed in the city.[citation needed]


The city was named after a wizard, who moved there in the early-to-mid 13th-century DR. He built his home behind an inn and put up signs warning people to leave him alone then promptly disappeared. His house was quickly ransacked of valuables but within was found a map to a ruin called Nonthal's Hold within the city itself. The map led to a sunken path behind the Three Trees Inn, a sunken and heavily trapped path, as the people who traversed it quickly found. The Inn was rebuilt so as to give a commanding view of the path and soon became the center of activity in the entire city and its main form of entertainment, as onlookers bet on how far hapless adventurers seeking Nonthal's fabled stash of gold got.[2]




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