Noodles were produced in several shapes and sizes across Kara-tur, and some countries made their own specific varieties. A selection was available for purchase in Faerûn through Aurora's Emporium.[1]


Volo considered noodles from Kara-tur far superior to those produced in Faerûn.[1]

Noodles ordered through Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue were carefully dried and shipped in 1‑pound (450‑gram) packages.[1]

Types of NoodlesEdit


Udon from Kozakura

Bean curd noodles 
Produced in Shou Lung, made from a soybean curd called "tofu". Rich in protein, they were long and fine, as well as chewy and nearly transparent when cooked.[1]
A thin and curly noodle that cooked in just a few minutes.[1]
Produced in Wa. Fine and thin buckwheat noodles, commonly served in a broth made from green tea.[1]
Produced in Kozakura. Thick and long white noodles that were typically served cooked in broth with eggs and onions.[1]



Soba from Wa.

The Northern Cuisine of Chukei Province in Shou Lung boasted a number of noodle-based dishes.[2]

Noodles were a staple of the people of Ma' Yuan Province, who made them from millet and wheat.[3]

In Wa, noodles were made from wheat.[4]



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