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Norbus Ironrune was a shield dwarf prospector in the late 15th century DR. Together with his business partner, Dazlyn Grayshard, he discovered the ruins of the temple of Abbathor in the Sword Mountains.[1]


Norbus seemed brusque and acted overly wary. He enjoyed joking around with Dazlyn.[1]


Norbus and Dazlyn owned a pair of sending stones.[1]


When prospecting for gold in the Sword Mountains southwest of Phandalin, Norbus and Dazlyn came across the ruins of a temple of Abbathor and a nearby dwarven settlement that had been buried by a landslide a long time ago. In the following months, the two dwarves excavated the ruins until they encountered the ochre jellies that had infested the temple.[1]

When a group of adventurers came to the excavation site and warned Norbus and Dazlyn of the young white dragon Cryovain who had settled in the area, the dwarves hired the adventurers to clear the temple of the oozes. As payment, they offered their sending stones.[1]



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