Nornglast was the smallest of the "Royal Keeps" of Eskorn, Laerakond, as of 1479 DR.[1]


Nornglast was a place haunted by spirits. An typical Eskornar saying was "Nornglast is ruled by ghosts." This saying was closer to truth, because Nornglast was the main "principality" of the Eminence of Araunt.[1]


The town was named after its founders, Clan Nornglast.[1]

Around five hundred years before the Spellplague, the bone naga Lod founded the Eminence of Araunt in the catacombs of Nornglast.[2]

Notable inhabitantsEdit

  • Lod, the bone naga and founder of the Eminence of Araunt.[2]



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