Noromath was a duchy in name only, being the western half of the elven territory of the great Wealdath forest of Tethyr.[2]


The name "Noromath" is Elvish for "Legacy of the North". It was called such by the Elmanesse elves of the forest.[2]


Noromath's official borders were east of County Greenshores, south of Amn, west of Durmista, and north of County Uluran;[3] however, the elves cared little for such human distinctions.[2]


Noromath was the original home of the Elmanesse tribe of elves,[2] who were refugees from Myth Drannor.[4] Green elves from the Suldusk also occupied the region, since the tribes were unified.[5] The major population of the western half of the forest, however, was composed of goblins, hobgoblins, centaurs, and satyrs.[2]

A small population of humans lived in the town of Brost on the outskirts of the forest to the north.[2]


In 1370 DR, Allain "Foxfire" Kevanarial was the official representative of the Elmanesse tribes to the Tethyrian court. While officially a duke, he did not consider himself a duke at all, and he refused to declare any place his ducal seat.[2]


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