Norry Waywocket was a rock gnome sorcerer and a smuggler in Cormyr in the early 1370s DR. He was partner to Coobert Draftworth.[1]


Norry and Coobert carried on a profitable trade in smuggling stolen goods across Cormyr and fencing them to certain merchants returning to Sembia on the Way of the Manticore. Living out of Monksblade in Cormyr, they stored their illicit goods in the Tomb of Chonis, their favorite drop-site. They seemed to specialize in small, easy-to-carry treasures, such as jewelry, liqueurs and wines, silks, and fine clothing.[1]

As cover their activities, they claimed to be small-time merchants and acted as urbane and amiable gentlemen, and said they lived in Immersea. If pressed, they claimed they only used the tomb as a warehouse.[1]


"This is my inestimable colleague—"
"Norry Waywocket. And this is my esteemed friend—"
"Coobert Draftworth."
— Norry & Coobert

Norry Waywocket and Coobert Draftworth were constant companions and old friends, and always worked together. So close were they that they finished each other's sentences and accurately anticipated whatever the other needed. Always talking together, they could lie easily about what they did. They even claimed to think alike.[1]


Norry Waywocket originally hailed from the Dalelands. Joining Coobert Draftworth, he became a smuggler and fence operating across Cormyr.[1]

In early Eleint of the Year of Lightning Storms, 1374 DR, Norry and Coobert had a load of stolen jewelry (including a signet ring of the Wyvernspur noble family[2]) when they went to the Tomb of Chonis to pick up their stash accumulated over the last three months (including bottles of utterdark wine and royal attire). However, they discovered others lurking in the tomb. After spying for a while, Norry and Coobert instead camped at the nearby Unknown Shrine while they thought about what to do about it. They'd only been there a day when adventurers investigating the Temple of Mystra in Wheloon may have encountered and questioned them.[1]


He was well dressed. In addition to two daggers, Norry owned a ring of protection +1 and cloak of resistance +1, and carried potions of barkskin and blur and wands of mage armor and shield. He rode a pony.[2]