The North Road ran through the Vast from the city of Procampur at its most southern point all the way to Mulmaster on the Moonsea at its most northern point.


From north to south it ran through: Mulmaster, Maskyr's Eye, Kurth, Three Trees Pass between the Troll Mountains and the Giantspike Mountains, over the River Vesper, through King's Reach, Swords Pool, Dead Tree Hollow, Dragon Falls, across the Fire River, through the Earthfast Mountains at Glorming Pass, between the Adhe Wood and Brynwood, Sevenecho where it bent west, Maerstar, and ended at Procampur. On the way, it connected with the Hunt Trail, the Cross Road, the Long Reach, Blaern's Trail, the Hlintar Ride, Stormcrest Trail, Helve's Trail, and the High Trail.[1][2]

Several small campsites laid near the North Road as it passed through the High Country, each near a source of water. All along the North were also found boulders carved with the symbol of Clangeddin Silverbeard, a relic of the old dwarf kingdoms of the Vast.[3]

Mount Wolf towered over the North Road near Kurth.[3] From the North Road, it was possible to see an old, ruined temple in the depths of the Adhe Wood.[4]


Two Sembian merchants explored the dwarven-held lands of the Vast during the time of Roldilar, 610649 DR, as they sought a trade-route from the dwarven mines down to the River Vesper.[3] To that end, the North Road was laid through Three Trees Pass, linking Kurth and King's Reach. Humans waged costly battles against the orcs of the mountains to control the pass, but were successful. The effort saved the last of the dwarves of Roldilar from being wiped out by the orcs at the fall of that kingdom.[5]


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