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The Northdark was an underground domain of the Underdark north and east of the city of Waterdeep.[1]


The area was home to some of the most renowned subterranean realms of Faerûn like the svirfneblin ruins of Blingdenstone, the duergar deepkingdom of Gracklstugh and the drow cities of Menzoberranzan and Ched Nasad. Numerous crumbled ancient realms were also found in the Northdark, such as Ammarindar, Delzoun and Netheril, in the form of Skullport. The Northdark bordered on the Buried Realms in the east, meeting it underneath the ruins of Ascore. Deep within the Spine of the World many orc strongholds, troll caves, and giant delvings were buried.[1]

Lower Northdark[]

The lowest minor domain of the Northdark domain in the Lowerdark realm of the Underdark.[1] Located between 12[2] and 18 mi (19.31 to 28.97 km)[3] below the region known as the Northwest Faerûn, the Lower Northdark had the Buried Realms to the east and Netherese Caverns to the south.[1]

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