Northeast Zakhara was in many ways the antithesis to the civilization of the rest of the continent. It comprised the Land of the Yak-Men with their evil empire within the World Pillar Mountains (the Zakharan part of the Yehimal[4][5][6]) and the untamed expanse of the Jungle of Monsters towards the Foreigners' Sea. Together they effectively cut off land travel towards Kara-Tur in the northeast and east.[2][7][8][9]

Geographic limitsEdit

The region separated three continents: to the northwest lay the realm of Konigheim of Faerûn's Utter East, to the north lay the Kingdom of Nix[10] and beyond to the north and northeast the Wu Pi Te Shao Mountains of Kara-Tur. To the east, the Sempadan Forest stretched into the eastern continent,[4] while northeast Zakhara ended at the shores of the Foreigner's Sea in the southeast. Towards the south, it was bordered by the territory of Zakhara's Cities of the Ancients, to the southwest it fell towards the desert of the Haunted Lands, and to the west it touched the lands around the Free City of Utaqa and the Great Sea.[8][9]

Land of the Yak-MenEdit

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The yak folk controlled their petty empire from their cities on the heights of the World Pillar Mountains, seeing all other inhabitants of the rugged land as their subjects or slaves. Their domain, organized into eight provinces, was ruled from the capital city of Nathong by the Lotus Emperor, but ultimately it was a theocracy where all authority derived from the yikaria's Faceless God.[2][8]

Jungle of MonstersEdit

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This vast forest was rarely traveled with only a few settlements at the fringes[10][4][11] (and none in the center) known to the outside world. Its fierce denizens were dangerous enough to mount attacks on their well-organized yikarian neighbors.[7][8][9][12]




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