This adventuring group made their names along the Sword Coast North and all eventually came to positions of prominence in that region.

The group consisted of Nasher Alagondar, Dumal Erard and the lovers Ophala Cheldarstorn and Kurth. Nasher led the group to many victories in the northlands. One tale told frequently is that of their successful attempt to slay a white dragon that would have otherwise destroyed the Uthgardt Black Raven tribe. As a reward, Nasher was given an uthgardt girl named Morregence to raise as his own.

Unfortunately, their group broke apart when Kurth attempted to wrest control of the group from Nasher. When Ophala chose loyalty over love and sided with Nasher against Kurth, that was the end of the group. Nasher went on to become the lord of the city of Neverwinter while Kurth became one of the High Captains of Luskan. Ophala joined the mages guild of Neverwinter, the Many-Starred Cloak, unable to reconcile her feelings for Kurth over her hatred of Luskan and its Arcane Brotherhood. Dumal, ever Nasher's ally, eventually retired not far outside Neverwinter and set up Helm's Hold.


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