Northfurrow's End was an inn located in the walled, Chauntean farming community of Goldenfields. As of the 15th century DR, it was run by the Emerald Enclave sympathizer, Miros Xelbrin.[1]


Northfurrow's End was located near the center of Goldenfields, at a spot that overlooked its vast vegetable gardens.[1]


The inn was constructed from stone and stood three stories tall.[1]

On either side of its front doors were two life-size statues of horses standing on their hind legs.[1]


Northfurrow's End provided travelers with roomy accommodations and delicious dishes made from fresh, locally grown ingredients.[1]

The inn offered its patrons a locally brewed beer known as Goldengulp. They were served in painted clay flagons that were crafted by the inn's proprietor.[1]



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