Northkeep was the first settlement built on the Moonsea by humans.[1]


The city was founded in 348 DR (Year of the Dagger)[2][3] on an island near the lake's southern shore, about midway between the present towns of Elventree and Elmwood. The city was a beacon of civilization and a jumping off point for merchants.

The power of Northkeep made it a target for orcs, giants, and other evil beings, who formed the Dark Alliance to battle and contain Northkeep.

Northkeep appeared safe on its island, but in 400 DR (Year of the Blue Shield), a huge force mounted on dragonback, commanded by the black dragon Iyrauroth[4], swept over the city while ships landed an army that overran and sacked the city. To make their victory complete, a force of nonhuman mages and clerics (forty thousand strong, some said) gathered on the north shore of the Moonsea and brought the vengeance of Gruumsh[5] down upon the human interlopers. The city sank beneath the purple waves.[6][7]


The Bell in the Depths: This bell sat in one of the tallest of the shattered towers of the sunken city. At times, nearby ships could hear the ghostly bell ring. The sunken city was reputed to be haunted.[8]


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