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Nothics were one-eyed creeping monsters that lurked in places with great magical knowledge, which they themselves craved.[1]


Nothics were the result of a curse befalling wizards who delved too deep into arcane knowledge. Once transformed, the nothic held no discernible memory of its former self, except for a faint notion that there might be a way to reverse its condition.[1]

Despite their deteriorated condition, nothics possessed an exceptional insight, and were capable of extracting knowledge and secrets from the minds of others.[1][4]


Some sages claimed that the Oerthian lesser deity Vecna had laid out traps for wizards seeking forbidden secrets in their quest for power. Those who stumbled upon such traps were transformed into nothics.[1] This practice was also shared by the lich Acererak.[5] It was common to find nothics in cults to Vecna serving as guardians or jesters, as well as spies to Vecna himself, who could always see through their single eyes.[2]

Some of the few Netherese spellcasters that survived the destruction Ythryn became afflicted with a malady known as the arcane blight. These unfortunate souls were transformed into nothics, running rampant across the frozen necropolis for centuries.[6]

In the Year of the Scarlet Witch, 1491 DR,[note 1] a nothic inhabited a crevasse within a hideout occupied by the Redbrands in Phandalin, lured to the location by an emanation of magic. The creature had struck a deal with the Redbrands to guard the location in exchange for food and treasure.[4]

In the late 15th century DR, groups of nothics wandered the surroundings of Neverlight Grove, attracted by the growing influence of Zuggtmoy in the region.[7]

Notable Nothics[]



  1. Pages 30‒31 of Lost Mine of Phandelver describe the eruption of Mount Hotenow (1451 DR) as occurring "30 years ago", which would place the adventure in 1481 DR. However, pages 103 and 179 of Acquisitions Incorporated, a later source, state that the events described in the adventure happen five years after both Lost Mine of Phandelver and Princes of the Apocalypse. Since the latter is explicitly set in 1491 DR, and considering this answer by Ed Greenwood about dating the adventure, this wiki will use 1491 DR for events related to this sourcebook.


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