The Nourisher Creed was one of the major illithid Creeds in the Realms. They were highly focused on the thralls and were the Creed that took care of them, organized them, kept them docile, and ceremorphed them.[1]


In Oryndoll, illithids in the Nourisher Creed controlled menageries, which were spread throughout the Ring Caverns. These menageries varied in size and shape and were used to house exotic, imported breeds of thralls. The nourishers provided entertainment in the Succulent Encephalon festhall. The nourishers also controlled the gohlbrorn packs that were used in the defense of the city.[1]

The nourishers were responsible for maintaining the city's large population of thralls and ceremorphing them as well. Members of this Creed were responsible for creating the tren race through crossbreeding lizardfolk and troglodytes. (Tren afterward were sold to other Underdark races, from whom they escaped to form small communities throughout the Underdark.) The nourishers had also managed to maintain a small duergar population, even after the duergar uprising. Multiple Creedmasters had attempted to capture the scalamagdrion, as it was apparently a prime candidate for ceremorphosis.[1]

Within Oryndoll, they worked in a close relationship with the tamer Creed, who supplied them with lizardfolk from Surkh to ceremorph into tzakandi.[1]



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