Nrakk was a githzerai monk active in the late 15th century DR.[1]


He was greenish-yellow of complexion and was entirely bald save for a long braid of dark hair, and long tufts of facial hair on each side of his jaw. Nrakk wore maroon and blue clothing, and a thick scarf around his neck to ward off the cold.[1]


Nrakk struggled to interact with other people, particularly those he viewed as his lessers. He appeared reserved and aloof. He felt Toril was a chilly and unpleasant place.[1]


As a kensei monk, Nrakk was exceptionally skilled with his naginata.[1]


Nrakk was outfitted in several magical items. His magical naginata was enchanted to be harmful to mind flayers, and he carried an alchemy jug with him at all times. An ioun stone orbited his head.[1]


Nrakk was dispatched by the Great Githzerai, Zaerith Menyar-Ag-Gith, to aid an adventuring party on the Prime Material plane. Though his motivations seemed unclear, he always stayed true to the party's cause.[1]



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