The Nubari (often called the "Ancient Nubari'", or simply "the Ancients", to distinguish them from the race of humans who descended from them) were a starfaring race that settled on Toril in Malatra.[1]


The Ancient Nubari were an exceptionally tall (reaching seven feet in height[2]) and willowy race of humanoids with large, elongated skulls. They had only three fingers and a thumb on each hand. Their skin was dark brown, and they had golden tinted eyes.[1]


The Nubari were lovers of art, magic, philosophy, and science and lived in harmony with nature. They had advanced and alien technology, and had developed a hard form of ceramic that they used where other races might use metal.[1]

The Nubari abhorred violence and for millennia maintained a utopian existence.[1]

They lived on several worlds that were said to be like paradise compared to Toril, and they used their spelljamming craft to travel between them.[1]


The Ancient Nubari came to Toril thousands of years before the Time of Troubles[note 1] on spelljammers from another world. They had come to flee a great celestial war in search of peace.[1]

The Nubari chose the jungles of Malatra—and particularly the Malatran Plateau—as their new home, because of its isolation from the rest of Toril.[1] There, they developed a utopian society, protected from the rest of the world by magic. However, some great disaster forgotten to time wiped out their civilization. The surviving Nubari returned to the primitive ways of jungle life.[1]

Eventually, native humans (related to the Shou[2]) intermingled with the Nubari and gradually, over a period of about a thousand years,[2] formed a new race of humans, also called the Nubari, which came to be the dominant ethnic group of the region.[1]



  1. No date for the Living Jungle setting is given in any of the official material. This article assumes that it takes place around the time of the second and third editions, based on the time period when the material was released.


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