Nulathoe's ninemen (pronounced nin-em-en), was a rare[3] necromancy spell that preserved a dead body from decay.[1][2]


This spell halted the decay and rot of corpses for burial preservation or for a possible candidate of raise dead or resurrection spells.[1][2] Any corpse treated with this spell could not become undead nor be affected by animate dead.[1] This spell did not heal wounds, stop the loss of blood, or reverse any damage to the corpse, but it did keep joints strong and supple and muscles from contracting rigor mortis.[1][2] This spell had no effect on the undead.[1]


In addition to a verbal component, the caster had to touch the corpse to complete the spell. Materials required were a small amount of blood[1] from a creature of the same race or species as the corpse[2] and a moonstone worth at least 50 gp[note 1] ground to a powder. The blood was sprinkled over the head, neck, torso and joints,[2] then the moonstone dust was sprinkled over the whole body.[1][2]


Nulathoe's ninemen was one of the spells found in Nchaser's Eiyromancia, which the wizard Nchaser gave to the High Captain Taerl of Luskan. The book was later stolen, but not before the wizard Arbane and others were able to examine it.[2] The spell eventually appeared in Volo's Guide to All Things Magical.[4]


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  1. The DMs Sourcebook of the Realms says the moonstone be worth no less than 7 gp, which seems a bit cheap.


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