Nuldrevyn Talendar was the patriarch of the Talendar family in Selgaunt.[2][1]


In youth, Nuldrevyn was always in the company of his brother Marance Talendar.[1]


Nuldrevyn with Marance fought orcs, brigands, and pirates and rival houses around 1250 DR. The House's rivalries led to a clandestine war with Thamalon Uskevren. However, Thamalon killed Marance and Nuldrevyn remained shocked.

In time, he became a frail old man, always cautious and conservative in the family's businesses but never forgotten.

When Marance came back from the Nine Hells in 1372 DR, Nuldrevyn gave his blessing to his vengeance against the Uskevren.[1]


Nuldrevyn was an old codger on the surface but deep inside was a ruthless individual to protect his family. He was proud of his many children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews, in particular his son Ossian Talendar. Secretly he greatly feared snakes.[1]




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