Nurthel Floshin was a fey'ri who served the daemonfey leader Sarya Dlardrageth as her spymaster.[1]


Nurthel had only one eye, and it was green.[1] He wore an eyepatch over the other eye-socket, which was filled with a green gem able to assist with his spellcasting.[2]


Nurthel wore golden mail.[1] He carried an iron short sword inscribed with runes.[3]


In 1374 DR, he was responsible for stealing a shard of the Gatekeeper's Crystal from Tower Reilloch.[4] He

Nurthel was killed on Tarsakh 11, 1374 DR, in a white tower in the Elven Court area of the forest of Cormanthor when Araevin Teshurr used the magic he had learned from the Nightstar to invert Nurthel's magical protections. Araevin stabbed Nurthel through the throat with his own sword, stating that his death was a revenge for the killing of Grayth Holmfast.[5]


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