Nybor's stern reproof was an enchantment spell that caused intense, debilitating pain within a target person or creature.[2]


The agony caused by stern reproof was so excruciating that it could instantly kill the affected creature. It was far away more intense than the pain caused by Nybor's gentle reminder and Nybor's mild admonishment and could continue much longer, depending on the will of the caster.[2]


Stern reproof was developed by the Thayan zulkir of enchantment, Nybor. She inscribed the details of its casting within the book, Nybor's Small Codex.[3] It saw regular usage among the Red Wizards during the 14th century DR.[1]


The casting of this spell originally only had verbal and somatic components,[2] while later versions called for a metal rod, at least 1' (0.3 m) long as a focus.[1]



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