Nym was an unscrupulous drow trader who worked in Icewind Dale in the late 13th and early 14th centuries DR.[1][2]


Nym indirectly caused the fall of both the fortress of the Severed Hand and Dorn's Deep by stealing the elven and dwarven magical items from Dorn's Deep and then selling them to the goblinoid armies that proceeded to sack them both.[2]

The elves of the Severed Hand blamed the dwarves of Dorn's Deep for the fact that the goblinoids had the items, since they were all from Dorn's Deep's treasury and haughtily ignored the dwarves' pleas of innocence. Divided, the two realms both fell to their respective goblinoid assaults and caused long-lasting bitterness between the elves and dwarves of the Spine of the World and Frozenfar.[2] That such an act could cause such far-reaching devastation speaks of the drow's utter lack of moral fiber.[citation needed]

Several powerful paladins heard of Nym's evil actions and vowed to put an end to it, hounding him through the Underdark and Frozenfar where he did most of his business, but Nym always managed to find a way to elude or defeat them.[citation needed]


Nym was not above haggling, though usually only when faced with the prospect of being attacked by powerful and wealthy adventurers who would not only cost him business, but also possibly his life. However, to avoid these kinds of situations, Nym carried a collection of magical items to rival that of a certain other drow.[citation needed]


Nym was capable as a warrior, dabbled in enchantment, and was as charming as they come, managing to allay the suspicions of a camp full of escaped svirfneblin slaves who had a terrible fear of the drow pursuing them, but above all, he was a trader. His only goal in life was to accumulate wealth and he was highly proficient at doing just that.[citation needed]



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