Nym was a storm giant princess sometime after the War of the Silver Marches.[1]


Nym was the middle child of the storm giant king Hekaton at the time of the shattering of the ordning. The giant found herself to be in opposition to her mother, Neri, and younger sister, Serissa because the latter was appointed as the new heir to the throne. However, Nym created an alliance with her elder sister, Mirran, who shared an equal hatred towards her family.

The two plotted against Neri and Hekaton, though they did not act until the blue dragon, Iymrith, appeared before them under the disguise of a storm giant. Iymrith quickly became a mother figure to the two sisters, and aided them with the assassination of Neri and kidnapping of Hekaton.[2]

Soon after (roughly around the late 1480s or early 1490s DR), Iymrith became an advisor fr the newly-appointed queen Serissa, but continued to help Mirran and Nym plot against their sister.

Mirran and Nym entertained several giant ambassadors who provided news of Serissa's plans for the future.[1]


Nym was a cold and calculating individual. As a middle daughter she nearly always felt as if she were being ignored by her parents, who were "too busy dealing with her other sisters," whilst in truth Hekaton and Neri found Nym distant and difficult to please. The giant planned to permit Mirran to ascend to the throne, but if her sister proved unfit to rule she would offer herself as a replacement. Unlike Mirran, Nym was worried about the consequences of the shattering of the ordning. However, she believed this was a necessity to fulfill the great destiny that was prophesied for her.[2] If discovered Nym tried to blame Mirran to be the main conspirator.[1]




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