Nym Nindar, nicknamed "Slowtooth", was a Chondathan human man living in the city of Wheloon in Cormyr. He owned and operated Slowtooth Weaponry.[3][1][2]


Nym Nindar was once an officer in the Purple Dragons, before he retired.[3]

He was running his weapons shop by 1358 DR,[1] and was still in business through 1369 DR[3] and in 1374 DR. He was an old man in 1369 DR.[3]


Apart from running Slowtooth Weaponry, and when not otherwise busy, Nindar had a side-business instructing other warriors and young folk in how to wield specific weapons, and in their proper maintenance.[3] His store was popular with mercenaries, adventurers, and perhaps even brigands, who often hung around to watch Nindar train his students. They often shared tales of their exploits, and drank Nindar's mulled cider.[3][2]


Nindar was skilled with many kinds of weapons and could teach them all, though his specialty was the throwing axe. He made axe-throwing his personal sport. He particularly enjoyed demonstrating how a "biter" could go through a design of light shield commonly used around the Inner Sea.

In Slowtooth Weaponry, he had cords under his desk with which he could open shutters in the windows and door from a distance. Thus, he could bury an axe in a thief anywhere in or outside his store.[3]


Nindar had five sons, who ran the store while he taught students.[3]


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